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House in the Hills: Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Living

Modern house with poolside loungers and a hot tub.

Step into the House in the Hills, where Viù Architettura‘s vision brings to life a single-story marvel in Bologna, Italy. Embracing the modern design ethos, this home is a harmony of panoramic views and intimate connections with nature. Its 12-meter-wide glass facade and nearby pool offer a serene outlook onto the city’s twinkling nightscape, ensuring every moment is imbued with tranquility and beauty.

House with Sliding Doors: A Bright Transformation in Imola

Modern home interior with glass doors and a person walking in the hallway.

Unveiling the transformation of a once dim space into a beacon of light, House with Sliding Doors by Viù Architettura in Imola, Italy, showcases a masterful renovation. This apartment breathes modern design into the historic heart of Imola, where sliding glass doors not only define spaces but bathe them in natural light, amplifying the charm of its central location with every detail.