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Perla Negra House: Eco-Friendly Design Meets Luxury

FeaturedModern forest cabins connected by a wooden walkway.

Discover the Perla Negra House in Puerto Carrillo, Costa Rica, designed by Salagnac Arquitectos in 2023. This private house epitomizes mimetic architecture, harmoniously blending with its coastal forest setting through innovative design and sustainable material use. With its dark, elegant aesthetics and efficient cross ventilation, it redefines luxury in harmony with nature.

Casa Mangos: A Costa Rican Haven with Mediterranean Flair

Modern white villa with open living space and curved pool surrounded by greenery.

Discover Casa Mangos, a Mediterranean-Tropical refuge in Playa Guiones Nosara, Costa Rica. Designed by Salagnac Arquitectos in 2022, this house stands as a stunning blend of Mediterranean elegance and Costa Rican traditions. Just steps from the beach, it offers a unique ‘L’ shaped layout, promoting natural ventilation and uniting luxurious living with environmental respect.

Experience the fusion of limestone, teak, and palm in a design that celebrates local craftsmanship and Costa Rica’s rich heritage, all while providing a serene refuge in the heart of a tropical paradise.

Inside Loma Sagrada: Nosara’s Sustainable Wooden Haven

Modern house nestled among tropical trees with a green roof.

Loma Sagrada House, crafted by Salagnac Arquitectos in Nosara, Costa Rica, seamlessly blends eco-friendly design with the natural landscape. Utilizing wood, the house not only minimizes environmental impact but also enhances the area’s beauty. Moreover, set on a gentle 35-degree slope, it features natural ventilation and solar energy, making it a prime example of sustainable architecture.