The Nomadic Hotel: A Serene Getaway Designed by Salagnac Arquitectos

Discover The Nomadic Hotel in Nosara, Costa Rica, a 2016 creation by Salagnac Arquitectos that redefines luxury hotel design. This exquisite retreat combines modern aesthetics with the tranquility of tropical nature, offering a unique destination for sophisticated travelers. From its thatched roofs to the serene crystal-clear pool surrounded by lush greenery, every aspect of the hotel invites guests to indulge in a peaceful escape.

A tropical resort-style backyard with a pool and thatched-roof cabanas.
Contemporary courtyard with patterned staircase, wooden beams, and cactus plant.
Courtyard with tropical plants, white curved walls, and wooden beams.
Modern outdoor terrace with wooden ceiling and furnishings overlooking greenery.
Tropical-themed café with bamboo shutters and wooden tables.
Modern outdoor patio with wooden ceiling, hanging sofa, and lush greenery.
Contemporary patio with wooden deck, loungers, and expansive roof.
Contemporary outdoor deck with loungers and pergola.
Contemporary house with large overhanging roof and lush garden setting.

About The Nomadic Hotel

The Nomadic Hotel: A Costa Rican Retreat

In the heart of Nosara, Costa Rica, a picturesque retreat beckons. Designed in 2016 by Salagnac Arquitectos, The Nomadic Hotel merges modern sensibilities with tropical serenity. The hotel exterior, adorned with thatched roofs and pristine white walls, promises luxury infused with local culture. A crystal-clear pool, ensconced by lush greenery and vibrant murals, invites guests into its tranquil waters.

Architectural Harmony with Nature

Ascending the patterned staircase, the crisp lines and organic materials embody a harmonious design ethos. The expansive use of wood under a canopy of interwoven beams speaks to the surrounding natural beauty. At every turn, the careful integration of the built environment with the Costa Rican landscape is apparent. The architecture guides guests through this serene compound, encouraging exploration and relaxation.

Interior Elegance Meets Tropical Ambiance

Within, the communal spaces seamlessly extend the invitation to unwind. A breezy dining area, defined by simple wooden furnishings and open shutters, offers a taste of pura vida. As sunlight washes over smooth concrete floors, it accentuates the commitment to minimalist yet warm aesthetics. Comfort finds its place in each nook, from plush cushions on a suspended sofa to bespoke wooden loungers on a sun-drenched deck. The Nomadic Hotel stands as a testament to understated elegance, where the sophisticated traveler can discover their haven amidst Costa Rican splendor.

Photography courtesy of Salagnac Arquitectos
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- by Matt Watts