Casa LG by Deferrari+Modesti

Recently completed by Deferrari+Modesti, this modern industrial home is situated just outside the city of Prato in Italy.


A villa that is part of a hilly context rich in woods and vegetation, just outside the city of Prato.

The project started from the articulation of the spaces, exploiting the differences in height in the house, to identify and create different areas, interconnected but also autonomous, suitable for receiving friends but also for creating areas suitable for privacy

The staircase itself is a space to be lived in, not only a circulation element, but also a rest area, a reception area, a storage unit, a filter and separation element, a structure for climbing. Like other furnishings, it presents elements of surprise, slowly in its development the structure lightens and changes its appearance

Photography by Anna Positano

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- by Matt Watts

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