Escudellers Apartment: Reimagining Historic Barcelona Home

Culto Interior Design‘s renovation of the Escudellers Apartment in Barcelona, Spain, expertly blends modern functionality with the property’s historic charm. This 200 sqm, 4-bedroom home in the city’s Gothic Quarter seamlessly integrates private spaces and communal family areas, continuing the harmonious design into the 50 sqm patio terrace. Inspired by the Mediterranean outdoor lifestyle, the terrace features a versatile open lounge and a pergola-covered dining area, showcasing the use of local materials and native plants to create a natural, authentic ambiance.

Modern living room with exposed wood beams, light furnishings, and decorative accents.
Cozy living room with white walls, wooden beams, and modern furniture in warm tones.
A minimalist dining space with a round table, green chairs, and a decorative pendant lamp.
Minimalist bedroom with neutral colors, modern furnishings, and textured accents.
Cozy bedroom with patterned wallpaper, large windows, and a plush armchair.
Elegant bathroom with modern vanity, patterned tile floor, and large mirror.
Rustic patio with wooden furniture, lush foliage, and traditional Spanish architecture.
Cozy outdoor lounge area with wood furnishings, potted plants, and a view of a doorway.
Cozy outdoor patio featuring warm lighting, wooden furniture, and lush greenery.

About Escudellers Apartment

Step into the heart of Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter, where the Escudellers Apartment stands as a testament to the city’s rich architectural heritage. Designed by the acclaimed Culto Interior Design team in 2022, this 200 sqm, 4-bedroom home seamlessly blends the property’s historic roots with contemporary comforts and functionality.

Embracing the Outdoor Oasis

The project’s crowning jewel is its expansive 50 sqm patio terrace, which serves as an inviting extension of the home’s livable spaces. Inspired by the Mediterranean’s outdoor lifestyle, the terrace is divided into two distinct areas: an open lounge with a mix of seating options and a pergola-covered dining space. Local materials, such as neutral-toned ceramics and predominantly native plants, create a natural and authentic “lived-in” ambiance, perfectly complementing the historic building’s character.

Harmonizing the Interior

Stepping inside, the Escudellers Apartment strikes a delicate balance between private spaces and communal family areas. The living room, with its plush sofas and warm lighting, invites guests to relax and unwind, while the dining room’s wooden table and modern chairs offer a welcoming setting for shared meals.

The kitchen, a true culinary haven, seamlessly blends function and aesthetics. Sleek, minimalist cabinetry provides ample storage, while the contrasting countertops and backsplash add depth and visual interest to the space. The bathroom, with its clean lines and spa-like features, exudes a sense of tranquility, perfectly complementing the home’s overall design.

Preserving Historic Charm

Throughout the Escudellers Apartment, the design team has skillfully navigated the balance between preserving the property’s historic charm and incorporating modern comforts. The exposed wooden beams and stone walls in the bedrooms serve as a reminder of the building’s storied past, while the carefully curated furnishings and lighting fixtures elevate the space with a contemporary touch.

A Harmonious Sanctuary

The Escudellers Apartment stands as a shining example of how thoughtful design can breathe new life into a historic property. By respecting the building’s architectural heritage and infusing it with modern sensibilities, Culto Interior Design has created a harmonious sanctuary that seamlessly blends the past and present, offering residents a unique and elevated living experience in the heart of Barcelona’s vibrant Gothic Quarter.

Photography by Elton Rocha, Culto Interior Design
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- by Matt Watts