Casa de Brujas: Integrating Nature with Modern Cabin Design

Introducing Casa de Brujas, a uniquely designed cabin by DX Arquitectos tucked away in Palmas de Ocoa, Chile. Completed in 2022, this cozy retreat mirrors the ecological spirit of its surroundings. The cabin, deliberately set on stilts to minimize environmental impact, boasts an open design to maximize indoor-outdoor living, focusing on a strong connection with the native landscape. This compact living space is a testament to innovative, sustainable architecture.

A modern, wood-paneled building with large windows overlooking a natural landscape.
A rustic, wooden cabin interior with large windows offering a scenic mountain view.
Cozy rustic cabin interior with wood-beamed ceiling, warm lighting, and leather furnishings.
A rustic, timber-framed kitchen with open shelving and a wooden island, set against dark walls.
Cozy attic space with rustic wooden beams, colorful bed linens, and warm lighting.
A modern, wooden structure with large windows stands amidst lush, verdant foliage.
A rustic wooden structure with a distinctive slanted roof, partially obscured by foliage.
A modern, glass-enclosed structure with wooden paneled exterior stands in a grassy field.

About Casa de Brujas

Casa de Brujas stands as a testament to thoughtful architectural design, expertly executed by DX Arquitectos in the serene region of Palmas de Ocoa, Chile. This cabin, completed in 2022, is not just a structure but a sanctuary that blends seamlessly with the ecological reserve adjacent to La Campana National Park.

Harmonizing With Nature

The placement strategy of Casa de Brujas emphasizes a deep communion with the landscape. By minimizing the construction footprint, the cabin ensures a reduced environmental impact while maximizing the scenic views. The surrounding quillayes and thorn trees enrich the aesthetic, further integrating the cabin into its natural setting.

Structural Elegance

Elevated on stilts with a grid layout of 60 x 60 cm and modular sections of 240 x 120 cm, the cabin spans an area of 4.80 x 7.20 meters (15.7 x 23.6 feet) with a loft featuring a sloped ceiling extending 2.40 x 7.20 meters (7.9 x 23.6 feet). This design not only accommodates the slope of the terrain but maximizes living volume within its compact frame.

Sustainable Materials and Local Craftsmanship

Constructed entirely with locally-sourced pine, the cabin’s structure is outlined by seven wooden frames that shape its distinctive gabled roofline. The wood receives an indigo dye treatment, enhancing its durability and aesthetic appeal. This choice underscores the project’s commitment to sustainable practices and the utilization of natural materials.

Design Philosophy

Casa de Brujas exemplifies a minimalist approach with its simple forms and exposed materials that convey authenticity. The interior spaces evoke a sense of tranquility, making them ideal for reflective solitude or intimate family gatherings.

This project, in essence, is a dialog between clear architectural vision and its wild surroundings, offering more than just shelter but a profound engagement with the environment and sustainable living practices.

Photography by Alonso Adasme
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- by Matt Watts