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Casa de Brujas: Integrating Nature with Modern Cabin Design

A modern, wood-paneled building with large windows overlooking a natural landscape.

Introducing Casa de Brujas, a uniquely designed cabin by DX Arquitectos tucked away in Palmas de Ocoa, Chile. Completed in 2022, this cozy retreat mirrors the ecological spirit of its surroundings. The cabin, deliberately set on stilts to minimize environmental impact, boasts an open design to maximize indoor-outdoor living, focusing on a strong connection with the native landscape. This compact living space is a testament to innovative, sustainable architecture.

Cuatro Aguas: Redefining Traditional Chilean Homes

Modern courtyard with transparent walls blending indoor and outdoor spaces.

Cuatro Aguas, designed by DX Arquitectos, is an architectural marvel in Chile’s sunny Chicureo valley. Completed in 2015, this house blends a massive single-volume design with four unique roof slopes, creating a stunning water courtyard. Traditional design elements, including large Chilean clay tiles and thick brick walls, offer a cool retreat in the harsh Chicureo heat. Moving away from the typical “Chilean House” style, Cuatro Aguas stands as a testament to innovative yet traditional architecture.

Casa la Chinita: A Circular Vision in Chile’s Desert Oasis

Modern wooden house with large glass doors surrounded by native plants.

Discover Casa la Chinita in Chile’s IV Region, a retreat designed in 2021 by DX Arquitectos. This vacation house beautifully blurs the lines between inside and out, inspired by unity and the surrounding wild Pacific. Its central terrace and cleverly hidden intimate spaces create a unique experience, harmonizing with the natural elements of the Atacama Desert gateway.