Cuatro Aguas: Redefining Traditional Chilean Homes

Cuatro Aguas, designed by DX Arquitectos, is an architectural marvel in Chile’s sunny Chicureo valley. Completed in 2015, this house blends a massive single-volume design with four unique roof slopes, creating a stunning water courtyard. Traditional design elements, including large Chilean clay tiles and thick brick walls, offer a cool retreat in the harsh Chicureo heat. Moving away from the typical “Chilean House” style, Cuatro Aguas stands as a testament to innovative yet traditional architecture.

Modern single-story building with large windows, set against mountains.
Modern courtyard with transparent walls blending indoor and outdoor spaces.
Modern rustic living space with high ceilings, wooden beams, and leather furniture.
Modern house with a gabled roof and large veranda at dusk, surrounded by
Courtyard with pebbles, plants, and illuminated wooden pathway at night.
Modern house with illuminated exterior at twilight against a mountain backdrop.
Illuminated modern house at dusk with a clear sky backdrop.
Modern house with illuminated interior at twilight in a desert landscape.

About Cuatro Aguas

Chicureo’s Intense Heat and Clay Tile Solution

In Chicureo, the heat feels almost unbearable, similar to the focused rays of a magnifying glass. The use of clay tiles is critical here for protection against both the scorching sun and the cold. These tiles, crafted from heat-absorbing clay, effectively block the heat’s entry. Their unique design creates air channels, functioning as thermal regulators by expelling unwanted heat.

Cuatro Aguas: Architectural Ingenuity

Cuatro Aguas, a vision realized by DX Arquitectos, embodies an innovative architectural concept. The house presents itself as a massive structure with a central void. It features four distinct roof slopes, with two oriented towards the garden and two inward, forming an intriguing water courtyard, or impluvium. This design not only captivates aesthetically but also provides a practical solution to the harsh climate of Chicureo.

Blending Comfort with Innovative Materials

Casa Cuatro Aguas strikes a harmonious balance between style and substance through its well-considered design and choice of materials. It features a spacious roof lined with large Chilean clay tiles and is fortified by thick brick walls. These elements collectively create a soothing shade, offering respite from the intense sunlight in the Chicureo valley. This approach marks a departure from the traditional “Chilean House” concept, reimagining clay tiles as a blend of technological advancement and material heritage.

Photography by Pablo Blanco

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- by Matt Watts