Casa Terralta: Traditional Elegance in Ostuni Hills

Explore Casa Terralta, a traditional style home in Ostuni, Italy, designed by Flore & Venezia Architects. This house seamlessly blends indoor comfort with the natural beauty of its surroundings, featuring arches, large openings, and natural materials.

Experience the tranquility of living in harmony with nature at Casa Terralta.

A modern white villa with archway entrance and landscaped garden.
Minimalistic room with rustic furniture and neutral tones.
Minimalist dining room with concrete table, metal chairs, and pendant light.
Minimalistic interior with arched ceiling and warm lighting.
Elegant dining room with arched ceilings, classic wooden table, and portraits on
Minimalist interior with stone counters and rustic decor.
Minimalist bedroom with arched doorway and neutral tones.
Serene bedroom with arched window, vintage door, and minimalist decor.
Minimalist interior with arched stone ceiling and central glass door.
A serene poolside with loungers, umbrellas, and lush green backdrop.
White traditional house with stone wall and courtyard.
Modern patio with pergola, stone walkway, and built-in seating areas.
Outdoor patio with stone bench, cushions, and wooden pergola.
Modern villa with pool and traditional trullo houses in the background.

About Casa Terralta

Elegant Simplicity in Ostuni’s Hills

Casa Terralta proudly stands amidst the serene hills of Ostuni. This architectural gem boasts a simplistic design, ingeniously connecting living spaces while maintaining their individuality. Arches and large openings create visual transparency, forging an intriguing connection between the interior and the exterior.

Harmony of Natural Materials

Flore & Venezia Architects meticulously selected natural materials for Casa Terralta. Lime-based resin coats the floors, enhancing the space’s earthy feel. Additionally, custom-made wooden furniture and reclaimed stone for outdoor flooring further embed the house into its natural setting.

A Sanctuary Blending with Nature

Moreover, the house features a pool set against a backdrop of ancient dry-stone walls and nearby woodland. This tranquil setting at Casa Terralta not only promotes wellbeing but also nurtures a close bond between its inhabitants and the surrounding nature.

Photography courtesy of Flore & Venezia architects

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- by Matt Watts