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Casa GR: A Modernist Revival in Milan’s NoLo

Modern living room with gray sofa, kitchen area, and yellow accents.

Discover the transformation of Casa GR, a first-floor apartment in Milan’s vibrant NoLo district, Italy. masterfully revived this modernist home, blending contemporary design with classic elements. Highlighting its unique location and the ingenious use of space and light, the renovation emphasizes a seamless flow enhanced by sage-colored accents and a striking steel beam.

Experience a blend of tradition and modernity in this Italian marvel.

Hedge Apartment: Sleek Design Meets Urban Comfort

Modern living room with gray sofa, wooden cabinets, and wall-mounted TV.

Experience the epitome of modern living with the Hedge Apartment in Curitiba, Brazil. Designed by Tulli Studio in 2023, this contemporary residence stands as a testament to masculine elegance and functionality. From the seamless integration of the living room and kitchen to the strategic use of lighting and textures, every detail reflects a cozy yet sophisticated ambiance.

Discover how this apartment redefines urban living, blending industrial modern touches with the warmth of caramel leather and the sleekness of calacatta quartz.

House with Sliding Doors: A Bright Transformation in Imola

Modern home interior with glass doors and a person walking in the hallway.

Unveiling the transformation of a once dim space into a beacon of light, House with Sliding Doors by Viù Architettura in Imola, Italy, showcases a masterful renovation. This apartment breathes modern design into the historic heart of Imola, where sliding glass doors not only define spaces but bathe them in natural light, amplifying the charm of its central location with every detail.

Rosegold Apartment: Blending Tradition with Modernity

Minimalist kitchen with marble backsplash and patterned tile floor.

Discover the seamless blend of history and modernity in Barcelona’s Rosegold Apartment. Designed by Raúl Sánchez Architects, this lovely home in the heart of Ensanche Derecho merges mid-century modern design with the traditional charm of ‘nolla’ mosaic flooring. Featuring a clever division that maximizes light and space, the apartment boasts two serene bedrooms, a spacious living area, and a kitchen adorned with rosegold finishes and Portuguese pink marble.

Step inside and experience the elegance of preserved wooden beams and the innovative use of materials that bridge the interior with the lush courtyard beyond.

Casa Volver: A Modern Retreat in Rome’s Historic Heart

Modern living room with exposed beams, tiled floors, and stylish furniture.

Casa Volver, crafted by Punto Zero, reimagines a 17th-century apartment in Rome’s historic Monti district into a modern sanctuary. This architectural masterpiece beautifully blends vibrant public areas with peaceful private retreats, showcasing innovative design elements alongside a deep respect for its historical roots. Through the use of thoughtful color schemes and a nod to architectural details, Casa Volver stands as a unique fusion of Rome’s rich heritage with contemporary design aesthetics.

East Village Apartment: Reviving History

FeaturedModern kitchen interior with wooden cabinetry and terracotta accents.

GRT Architects skillfully reimagined the East Village Apartment in Onyx Court, blending mid-century modern design with the building’s rich artistic legacy. Established in 1902 in the heart of Manhattan’s vibrant theater district, this renovation honors its historical roots while introducing contemporary comforts and a thoughtful layout.

The project showcases a reconfigured kitchen with playful textures, a light-filled living area, and spaces that nurture creativity, paying tribute to generations of artistic expression within these walls.

Villa Petra: Contemporary Elegance in Historic Modica

Modern interior with wooden accents, mezzanine, and minimalist furniture.

Villa Petra by Bomori Architetti, a vacation rental villa in Modica, Italy, merges ancient charm with contemporary design.

Originating from the early 1000s and nestled in Sicily’s historic heart, it offers a unique blend of minimalistic style and traditional Sicilian architecture, enhanced with modern furnishings and outdoor redesigns, including a serene water feature.