Casa GR: A Modernist Revival in Milan’s NoLo

Discover the transformation of Casa GR, a first-floor apartment in Milan’s vibrant NoLo district, Italy. masterfully revived this modernist home, blending contemporary design with classic elements. Highlighting its unique location and the ingenious use of space and light, the renovation emphasizes a seamless flow enhanced by sage-colored accents and a striking steel beam.

Experience a blend of tradition and modernity in this Italian marvel.

Modern living room with gray sofa, kitchen area, and yellow accents.
Contemporary kitchen with sleek cabinetry and herringbone floor.
Contemporary dining room with a yellow pendant lamp and wooden floors.
Narrow hallway with herringbone wood floor leading to a kitchen.
Contemporary bedroom with herringbone floor and unique white shelving.
A cozy bedroom corner with a two-tone wall, art frame, side table with
Contemporary bathroom with blue tiled countertop and white basin.
Modern bathroom with blue and beige tiled walls and floor.

About Casa GR

Rediscovering Casa GR’s Charm

Years had stripped the first-floor apartment in NoLo’s ‘ringhiera’ building of its distinct features. However, a thoughtful design intervention has now breathed new life into it.

Light and Space Reimagined

The apartment’s many openings inspired a repositioning of the living spaces along the facade. Consequently, a luminous corridor emerged, adorned with four windows that ensure light spreads evenly. Moreover, a full-height retractable panel offers the flexibility to isolate the bedroom as needed.

A Fusion of Function and Aesthetics

A previously installed steel beam now proudly serves as both a decorative feature in the living area and a divider between the living room and kitchen. Additionally, the living area boasts a standout island, graced with sage-colored three-dimensional tiles.

A Bold Approach to Interior Design

Entering through a full-height doorway from the corridor, one discovers a space alive with vibrant colors. A walk-in closet cleverly conceals itself behind a geometric curtain, and a rust-hued wall conceals the bathroom door. Inside, ceramic tiles in two sizes and colors dictate the space’s geometry, featuring a large shower (with a bench) and a sink with a full-wall mirror, effectively enlarging the room. The apartment skillfully blends modern furnishings with classic designs, unified by an oak floor in a French herringbone pattern.

This revitalized space not only respects its heritage but also introduces a modernist flair, marrying tradition with contemporary elegance in the heart of Milan.

Photography by Maria Teresa Furnari


- by Matt Watts