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Casa GR: A Milan Apartment’s Modern Revival

A room with a distinctive fern-patterned orange wallpaper and an open doorway.

Discover the charm of Casa GR, a masterpiece by in Milan, Italy. This apartment transformation within a historic early 20th-century building marries the original architectural beauty with modern design. meticulously blended vintage charm with contemporary flair, from preserved parquet floors to innovative room connections.

Experience the warmth of a home where every detail, from the vibrant brick passages to the elegant mix of furnishings, tells a story of refined taste and functionality.

Casa GR: A Modernist Revival in Milan’s NoLo

Modern living room with gray sofa, kitchen area, and yellow accents.

Discover the transformation of Casa GR, a first-floor apartment in Milan’s vibrant NoLo district, Italy. masterfully revived this modernist home, blending contemporary design with classic elements. Highlighting its unique location and the ingenious use of space and light, the renovation emphasizes a seamless flow enhanced by sage-colored accents and a striking steel beam.

Experience a blend of tradition and modernity in this Italian marvel.

Casa LC: Varese’s Modern Apartment Makeover

Modern kitchen with green cabinetry and a marble countertop island.

Unveiling Casa LC: A top-floor apartment transformation in Varese, Italy, by, showcases a brilliant makeover. Originally a 1970s build with unused space, it’s now a beacon of contemporary design, blending bright, spacious interiors with unique color palettes and materials.

The central olive-colored volume cleverly integrates storage and utility, while terracotta walls and terrazzo details in the living areas contrast beautifully with the rope-colored bedroom and green-tiled master bathroom, creating a seamless blend of function and style.