Bold Tribeca Apartment: A Crina Arghirescu Masterpiece

Step into the Bold Tribeca Apartment in New York, designed by Crina Arghirescu Architecture in 2023. This masterpiece on the 21st floor combines minimalism with bold colors, creating a luxurious and unique living experience.

Every room tells a story of sophisticated design, from semi-circular stainless steel islands to reclaimed wood floors and custom furniture, making it a true architectural jewel in the heart of Tribeca.

Contemporary living space with eclectic decor, large windows, and vibrant furniture.
Modern living room interior with large windows and city view.
Modern living room with red shelves, books, artworks, and designer furniture.
Contemporary room with vibrant red shelves and minimalist decor.
Modern dining room with large window and colorful hanging art piece.
Modern kitchen seen through curved glass doors with wooden flooring.
Contemporary kitchen with stainless steel cabinets and curved glass shelving.
Modern bedroom with a plush bed, blue carpet, and natural light reflections on the
Contemporary bedroom with glass partition and blue accents.
Chic bedroom with glass partition, marble floor, and vibrant blue rug
Modern bathroom with blue sink and arched niche.
Elegant bathroom with marble walls and glass shower divider.

About Bold Tribeca Apartment

Crina Arghirescu Rogard took on a unique challenge: to infuse a Tribeca apartment with color for a sophisticated, design-savvy, almost color blind client. This three-bedroom gem on the 21st floor of a glass-clad building showcases Rogard’s distinct style—minimal yet luxuriously vibrant.

A Seamless Fusion of Style and Function

Rogard, born in Bucharest, educated in Milan, trained in Paris, and now based in New York, masterfully blends serene architectural flow with a dynamic mix of chic furniture and décor. Consequently, each room emerges as a captivating tableau, where eclectic elements unexpectedly converge into harmonious compositions.

Moreover, the kitchen-dining-living area exemplifies Rogard’s minimalist ethos, featuring semi-circular brushed stainless steel islands by Henry Timi and a warm, burnt wood dining table. Above it, an oval silver meteor light fixture by Guillermo Santoma adds a whimsical touch.

Artistic Accents and Bold Colors

Transitioning to the living room, the Rose sofa by Joris Poggioli offers stunning views, complemented by reclaimed wood floors from French railroads. The master suite dazzles with vibrant blues and purples, showcasing Rogard’s flair for bold color schemes that cater to the client’s unique vision.

The bathroom features a custom blue resin bathtub, achieved after ten resin samples, echoing the Yves Klein inspired hue loved by the client. This choice underscores Rogard’s commitment to personalized design, even for those with color vision challenges.

Curated Furniture and Design Artistry

Rogard’s extensive knowledge of 20th and 21st-century furniture shines through her curated selection of vintage and bespoke pieces. From Franco Albini sconces to custom shelves designed in collaboration with Liz Hopkins, each piece reflects a deep appreciation for design history and contemporary art.

A Legacy of Creativity and Innovation

Rogard not only personalizes spaces but also fosters emerging talent, commissioning works from artists like Minjae Kim and Liz Hopkins before their rise to fame. Her approach mirrors that of an art collector, blending historical insight with an eye for modern creativity.

In sum, the Bold Tribeca Apartment stands as a testament to Crina Arghirescu Rogard’s unique ability to weave architectural minimalism with vibrant, personalized design, creating spaces that resonate with unexpected harmony and poetic flair.

Photography by Chris Mottalini

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- by Matt Watts