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Bold Tribeca Apartment: A Crina Arghirescu Masterpiece

Contemporary living space with eclectic decor, large windows, and vibrant furniture.

Step into the Bold Tribeca Apartment in New York, designed by Crina Arghirescu Architecture in 2023. This masterpiece on the 21st floor combines minimalism with bold colors, creating a luxurious and unique living experience.

Every room tells a story of sophisticated design, from semi-circular stainless steel islands to reclaimed wood floors and custom furniture, making it a true architectural jewel in the heart of Tribeca.

Duplex Reimagined: Naples’ Chic Urban Oasis

Modern living room with floating staircase and minimalist decor.

A chic duplex apartment by Colandrea Bausano Architetti embodies the harmonious blend of modern chic and timeless elegance. Designed in 2021, this duplex apartment in the heart of Naples, Italy, is a testament to sophisticated living. With its sleek, uncluttered lines and a smart use of greenery, this space offers a tranquil retreat in the bustling city. The designer’s use of natural light and a palette that reflects the coastal charm of Naples enhances the duplex’s allure, making it a coveted piece of real estate for any aesthete.

Luna Apartment: Sence Architects’ Sensory Haven in Kyiv

Luna Apartment: Sence Architects’ Sensory Haven in Kyiv

Discover the Luna apartment in Kyiv, Ukraine, a 2023 creation by Sence Architects, where tactile sensations meet visual delight. This unique apartment showcases a fusion of earthy textures and vibrant colors, echoing the charm of its Ukrainian setting.

Its interior, a symphony of clay-colored decorative plaster, hand-molded bas-reliefs, and natural wood, offers a serene retreat that captivates both the eyes and the touch. The design ingeniously blends smooth wood surfaces with rough walls, rooted in a color palette inspired by clay and sand, accented with Ukrainian-made furniture.

Luna is more than an apartment; it’s an immersive experience in harmony and contrast.

Temporas: Tramas’s Season-Inspired Guesthouse

Temporas: Tramas’s Season-Inspired Guesthouse

Temporas, a boutique guesthouse in Cagliari, Italy, showcases the design prowess of Tramas. This 2023 project transforms an apartment into four unique rooms, each themed after a different season. Combining modern aesthetics with local traditions, it features distinctive color palettes, custom graphics, and elements like cork headboards and black metal furniture details.

Temporas stands as a testament to Tramas’s innovative blend of tradition and contemporary design.

Leach Home: Jaime Salvá’s Chic Industrial Retreat

FeaturedLeach Home: Jaime Salvá’s Chic Industrial Retreat

Discover the enchanting Leach Home, a chic and industrially styled apartment in the heart of Palma de Mallorca’s Santa Catalina. Renowned designer Jaime Salvá transforms this space, once a blank canvas post-demolition, into a functional masterpiece for a foreign family’s second residence.

Nestled in a former fishing village, now a gastronomic haven, Leach Home harmoniously blends modern living with the area’s bohemian charm. Experience how carefully curated furniture and lighting breathe life into this unique two-bedroom apartment, making it an epitome of contemporary design in a historical neighborhood.

Casa Mia: 60s Apartment Turned Chic Home

Casa Mia: 60s Apartment Turned Chic Home

Casa Mia, nestled in the historic outskirts of Rome and masterfully designed by Nora Santonastaso in 2020, exemplifies a bespoke transformation from a 1960s apartment to a modern family haven.

Overcoming the challenge of limited space, Santonastaso reimagined this 70-square-meter (approximately 753-square-foot) dwelling into a spacious and multifunctional home. The redesign focuses on open living areas, integrating cooking, dining, and relaxation in a harmonious flow. With smart spatial organization, the apartment now accommodates two bathrooms, two bedrooms with distinctive styles, and an ingenious study area that blends into the living space.

Casa Mia stands as a testament to innovation, maximizing comfort and style within the classic Roman architecture.