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Bold Tribeca Apartment: A Crina Arghirescu Masterpiece

Contemporary living space with eclectic decor, large windows, and vibrant furniture.

Step into the Bold Tribeca Apartment in New York, designed by Crina Arghirescu Architecture in 2023. This masterpiece on the 21st floor combines minimalism with bold colors, creating a luxurious and unique living experience.

Every room tells a story of sophisticated design, from semi-circular stainless steel islands to reclaimed wood floors and custom furniture, making it a true architectural jewel in the heart of Tribeca.

173 West Broadway by TRA Studio

173 West Broadway by TRA Studio

173 West Broadway, a stunning loft-townhouse hybrid located in New York City’s Tribeca neighborhood, has been recently completed by TRA Studio.

This diminutive structure, originally a manufacturing loft building dating from the 1890s, offers retail on the first floor and two duplex rental residences with three full bedrooms on the upper floors. The interior design pays homage to the minimal aesthetic of the old manufacturing building with modern amenities such as exposed brick, walnut flooring, mahogany windows, aluminum, marble, and lacquered millwork. The corner atelier oriel also provides a stunning view of the Freedom Tower, adding an extra layer of luxury to this already remarkable property.

With its contemporary design and prime location, 173 West Broadway is a true gem in the heart of New York City.