The M70: Exploring a Book Lover’s Dream Apartment in Vietnam

The M70, designed by MAS Architecture in 2020, is a quintessential apartment in Da Nang, Vietnam, tailored for bibliophiles. This 70-square-foot living space merges ingenious design with comfort, allowing literature to take center stage. From plush seating in the living room to strategic lighting, every detail ensures that cozy and functional blend seamlessly, making every nook a potential reading spot.

Sleek, modern interior with minimalist furniture, dark accents, and contemporary lighting.
Sleek, modern interior with dark accents, built-in cabinetry, and a large TV mounted on the wall.
A modern living room with sleek furniture and a panoramic view of the city skyline.
Modern, open-plan living space with sleek, dark cabinetry, minimalist furniture, and a dining area.
A modern, minimalist kitchen and dining area with dark wood cabinets, stylish chairs, and an abstract cityscape painting.
A modern, minimalist bedroom with dark walls, a large bed, and floor-to-ceiling windows.
Cozy yet modern bedroom with ornate lighting fixture and minimalist side table.
Minimalist bathroom with sleek wooden vanity, white tiles, and modern shower enclosure.

About The M70

The M70: A Bibliophile’s Dream in Da Nang

In the seaside city of Da Nang, Vietnam, The M70 apartment designed by MAS Architecture in 2020 captures the essence of modern living for book lovers. The 70-square-foot space champions a unique blend of comfort and literature indulgence, making every corner an invitation to read.

Delving into the Living Room’s Literary Core

Upon entering, the living room beckons with its voluminous sofas and an array of cozy seating options. Here, comfort reigns supreme, accommodating solo relaxation or social gatherings with equal aplomb. Bookshelves envelop the walls, artfully connecting to furniture that ensures easy movement and avoids a cluttered feel. Dark-toned materials strike a visual balance, allowing the well-curated collection of books to stand out as the centerpiece.

Seamless Transition to Dining and Culinary Delights

A few steps bring you to the dining area, where the theme of sophistication continues. The clean lines of the table, paired with elegant white chairs, contrast with the powerful black cabinetry. Integrated storage solutions carry the narrative of smart design, offering book display space amid culinary exploration.

Bedroom and Bathroom – Sanctuaries of Solitude

Retreat to the bedroom, where serenity meets minimalist elegance. A plush bed awaits, flanked by abundant natural light and simplistic décor. The striking simplicity extends to the bathroom, where functionality complements the apartment’s overall design ethos. Each space in The M70 is thoughtfully lit, enhancing focal points and ensuring a gentle ambiance for unwinding.

The M70 is more than an apartment—it’s a testament to MAS Architecture’s commitment to creating personalized sanctuaries for the passions that define us.

Photography courtesy of MAS Architecture
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- by Matt Watts