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Rotating House: Innovative Rotating Design in Da Nang

Stunning modern architecture with lush tropical landscaping and unique design elements.

Designed by AD+Studio, the Rotating house in Da Nang, Vietnam, is a captivating residential project that blends contemporary architecture with traditional Vietnamese influences. This family home, completed in 2022, prioritizes the development and privacy of its occupants, a couple and their two children. The unique 45-degree rotation of the building enhances the depth and airflow, creating an unexpected yet harmonious living experience.

The M70: Exploring a Book Lover’s Dream Apartment in Vietnam

Sleek, modern interior with dark accents, built-in cabinetry, and a large TV mounted on the wall.

The M70, designed by MAS Architecture in 2020, is a quintessential apartment in Da Nang, Vietnam, tailored for bibliophiles. This 70-square-foot living space merges ingenious design with comfort, allowing literature to take center stage. From plush seating in the living room to strategic lighting, every detail ensures that cozy and functional blend seamlessly, making every nook a potential reading spot.

TH House: Merging Modern Minimalism with Green Living

TH House: Merging Modern Minimalism with Green Living

In Da Nang, Vietnam, a city known for its sandy beaches and rich history, the TH House emerges as a testament to sustainable living and modern design. Crafted meticulously by 85 Design in 2023, this modern, minimalist home is a haven for plant enthusiasts, specifically those who have a penchant for organic vegetables and spices.

Prioritizing green living, the house seamlessly integrates space optimization for family gatherings and an expansive rooftop garden, all while emphasizing energy efficiency and water conservation.

RY’s House: A Unique Blend of Urban Living and Nature

RY’s House: A Unique Blend of Urban Living and Nature

Delve into the charm of RY’s House, an exemplar of inventive concrete design by BOW.Atelier in Da Nang, Vietnam. Sculpted within a typical 5×20 (16.4ft x 65.6ft) plot, this unique residential property emerges as an urban oasis, intertwining human elements with nature.

Discover how the design echoes the lifestyle of a young gardening enthusiast couple, offering a dynamic spatial structure and a serene green area that delivers an engaging blend of surprise, tranquility, and adaptability.