Coi House by Coi Design

Coi House recently designed by Cội Design, is a traditional three-story house located in Da Nang, Vietnam.

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About Coi House

Coi House: Rustic Elegance in Da Nang’s Heartbeat

Nestled in the city’s core lies Coi House, a rustic sanctuary that captivates at first glance.

Location and Light

Situated on Mac Dang Dung street in Hoa Xuan’s new urban sector, Da Nang, this home boasts strategic design. Positioned near a river, the architect has artfully crafted doorways and skylights. Consequently, the residence bathes in natural light and relishes a daily cool breeze. Imagine savoring a coffee, watching sunlight dance through a gentle gust.

Nature-infused Interiors

Upon entering, vibrant bamboos greet you, stirring excitement. Each room, a distinct structure, showcases a raw, nature-inspired design. Unique interiors, stairs, and aisles weave these spaces together, elevating comfort.

Living Room: A Natural Nexus

The expansive living room spotlights natural wood furnishings, harmonizing with plants nurtured by each family member. More than a dwelling, it’s a haven for nurturing bonds and cherishing moments.

Kitchen and Dining: Modern Meets Mother Nature

An airy skylight illuminates the modern kitchen, equipped with every amenity. Strategically, the dining table peers over a quaint garden, making meals cozy, sweet, and naturally connected. The owner’s meticulousness shines through every piece of furniture.

Night’s Radiant Charm

Come nightfall, Coi House gleams, drawing admiring gazes. This allure stems from the juxtaposition of windflowers and rugged walls. They not only flood the interiors with light but also frame stunning external views.

Experience the Unforgettable

With its distinctive design and nature-infused interiors, Coi House promises memorable experiences.

Photography by QuangDam

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- by Matt Watts