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Long Thanh Villa: A Peaceful Oasis for Retired Couple in Vietnam

Minimalist architectural design with wooden facade, large glass windows, and lush landscaping.

Designed by the renowned Km Architecture Office, the Long Thanh Villa in Long Thanh, Dong Nai, Vietnam, stands as a peaceful haven for a retired couple. Built in 2023, this captivating house seamlessly blends modern design with a deep connection to nature, offering a serene retreat for its residents.

The villa’s simple yet striking architectural form, featuring stacked and sliding rectangular blocks, creates a harmonious balance between indoor and outdoor spaces, allowing the occupants to fully immerse themselves in the surrounding lush greenery.

The M70: Exploring a Book Lover’s Dream Apartment in Vietnam

Sleek, modern interior with dark accents, built-in cabinetry, and a large TV mounted on the wall.

The M70, designed by MAS Architecture in 2020, is a quintessential apartment in Da Nang, Vietnam, tailored for bibliophiles. This 70-square-foot living space merges ingenious design with comfort, allowing literature to take center stage. From plush seating in the living room to strategic lighting, every detail ensures that cozy and functional blend seamlessly, making every nook a potential reading spot.

A House in Quang Nam: Merging Tradition with Modern Design

Warm-toned adobe architecture surrounds an open courtyard with a central tree.

A House in Quang Nam, designed by Lequang-Architect in 2022, is an emblem of multigenerational living in Vietnam. This house in Quảng Nam redefines traditional spaces with its spiral structure revolving around a central garden, blending ecological sustainability with a community-centric approach. With distinct living blocks for family members and communal spaces oriented towards interaction, the design encapsulates modern living while reflecting Vietnamese cultural values.

A1208PP: Transforming a Hanoi Apartment with Yin and Yang Design

Spacious modern living room with sleek lighting fixtures, grey sofa, and open kitchen layout.

Located in Hanoi, Vietnam, A1208PP is an apartment redesigned by Flat6 Architects to embody the essence of comfort and spaciousness. The renovation, completed in 2023, transforms a traditional two-bedroom into a modern haven with a unique division of Yin and Yang spaces, incorporating a home office and a sacred space for worship, a rarity in Vietnamese apartments. This design not only meets the homeowner’s needs but also integrates Eastern philosophy into every corner, achieving a harmonious balance between light and dark.

The Gold View Apartment: How Feng Shui Shapes Modern Living

The modern interior features a gray concrete ceiling, plush gray sofa, and a built-in plant display.

Discover the transformative design of The Gold View Apartment in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, by STD Design Consultant. This innovative project evolves a three-bedroom into a two-bedroom family home, cleverly incorporating Feng Shui principles and maximizing the use of space with natural light and versatile furniture. The design not only elevates the apartment’s aesthetic but also enhances its functionality and sustainability for modern living.