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Bi House: Sustainable Living Meets Resort-Style Luxury

FeaturedBi House: Sustainable Living Meets Resort-Style Luxury

Discover the eco-friendly haven of Bi House, a stunning green home nestled in the picturesque suburbs of Nha Trang, Vietnam. Designed by Pham Huu Son Architects in 2022, this innovative residence seamlessly blends sustainable design with the natural beauty of its surroundings, creating a tranquil escape from the bustling city.

Experience a breath of fresh air as you explore Bi House‘s unique features, from its lush vertical gardens to its ingenious heat control solutions. Let’s dive into the world of green architecture and uncover the secrets of this remarkable property.

S-Hill Villa Tuan Chau: A Majestic House in Ha Long Bay

S-Hill Villa Tuan Chau: A Majestic House in Ha Long Bay

S-Hill Villa Tuan Chau, a stunning house located on the hillside of Tuan Chau Island, near Hạ Long, Vietnam, is the latest project of Idee Architects Vietnam.

This 500 square-meter house, designed in 2020, offers an incredible view of the beautiful Ha Long Bay, one of the wonders of Vietnam. With a 270-degree view, an infinity swimming pool, and six bedrooms all with a nice view to the sea, this is a house you will never forget.

Inside the Blackstone Penthouse: A Cliff in Your Living Room

FeaturedInside the Blackstone Penthouse: A Cliff in Your Living Room

The Blackstone Penthouse, an exciting project located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, is a luxurious apartment that stands out with its unique ideas brought to you by APS Concept Architects.

Designed to create a connection between nature and architecture, it features two large glass facades, allowing views out the surrounding area. A wall made from “Black Stone” gives the living room a majestic and impressive look, while a floor-to-ceiling fitted furniture and a curved staircase completely machined with sheet steel are some of the highlights of the project. With its remarkable design, the Blackstone Penthouse is the perfect combination of elegance and personality.

Pi House by D&P Associates

Pi House by D&P Associates

Located in the vibrant city of Hanoi, Vietnam, the Pi House is a stunning modern traditional house designed by D&P Associates.

This newly built house, completed in 2021, is a perfect representation of a harmonious blend of Vietnamese and French cultures. The owner, a French gentleman who has lived in Vietnam for nearly 30 years, wanted to create a living space that reflects both the traditional and modern aspects of the culture. With the help of D&P Associates, the Pi House has become a beautiful example of this unique combination of design styles, creating a truly unique and captivating living space.

Zenta House by CONN Design

Zenta House by CONN Design

Experience the unique journey to Zenta House, a coffee house located in Bảo Lộc, Vietnam.

The project was designed by CONN Design and completed in 2022, featuring a multi-cultural design style with a unique combination of Japanese, Korean, Vintage, Modern and Retro styles.

Through this project, CONN Design aimed to create a space with a little taste of the food-coffee neighborhood, providing customers with a memorable experience in a special environment.

Villa of The Woods by APS Concept

FeaturedVilla of The Woods by APS Concept

Discover the Villa of The Woods, a modern minimalist retreat nestled in the pine forests of Da Lat, Vietnam. This 2022 project by APS Concept provides a unique experience of connecting people with nature.

Large windows, neutral tones and rustic-yet-modern interiors combine to create a peaceful and inviting atmosphere. The outdoor living area includes a large BBQ table surrounded by the forest and provides a perfect spot for families to play and relax. The Woods is a true contemporary forest resort, a place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and return to the simple things.

Sun House by Space+ Architecture

Sun House by Space+ Architecture

Sun House is a beautiful house located in Cam Ranh, Khanh Hoa province, Vietnam – renowned for its pristine beaches and stunning coastline. It was designed by Space+ Architecture in 2022, with contemporary and minimalist design style.

Sun House offers an economical but luxurious living space that blends modern architecture with traditional tropical Vietnamese architectural elements. The undulating sloping roof shape of the house harmonizes with the traditional roofs of neighbouring houses and helps to drain rain water faster. Inside the house, natural ventilation, lighting and recycled materials help reduce energy costs while still providing a cozy atmosphere for family members who have reunited from afar.

Binh Thuan House by Mia Design Studio

Binh Thuan House by Mia Design Studio

Discover the Binh Thuan House, a modern townhouse located in Bình Thuận, Vietnam designed by Mia Design Studio in 2021.

Built for a family of four with a limited budget and basic demands, the Binh Thuan House is an example of practical and mannerless architecture. Constructed during the Covid epidemic, the house is made of common corrugated iron and prefabricated steel frames found within a 1km radius. With an interior design consisting of three-dimensional hollow frames, the owners are able to develop the space to their needs without breaking the original design.

The Binh Thuan House is a true testament to the power of basic design and creativity in the face of resource limitations.