House for 2 Architects: Renovating a 19th-Century Paris Apartment

In the heart of Paris, nestled in the Latin Quarter near the Luxembourg Gardens, stands a stunning apartment renovation by the renowned Toledano + Architects. Designed in 2023, “House for 2 Architects” showcases a masterful transformation of a 19th-century space, blending modern design with the building’s historic charm. The open-plan layout maximizes natural light and breathtaking views, creating a serene and functional environment for a family of four.

Spacious room with wood shelving, colorful furniture, and modern decorative elements.
Minimalist living room with wooden bookshelves, blue swivel chair, and orange armchair.
Modern, minimalist living room with sculptural wall art and mid-century inspired furniture.
A modern kitchen with a large wooden island, sleek concrete cabinets, and minimalist decor.
Modern dining room with vibrant blue pedestal table, wire frame chairs, and built-in shelving.
A modern, minimalist room with a built-in desk, artwork, and a plush seating area.
A minimalist child's bedroom with built-in cabinetry, shelving, and a loft bed.
Modern bedroom design with built-in wooden wardrobe, minimalist artwork, and neutral-toned decor.
Striking bathroom with corrugated ceiling, marble tub, and modern green fixture.
A modern, minimalist bathroom with sleek, patterned tile walls and a wall-mounted shower head.
Elegant bathroom design featuring striking black marble surfaces and minimalist fixtures.

About House for 2 Architects

Transforming a 19th-Century Parisian Apartment for Two Architects

Situated in the heart of Paris, overlooking the enchanting Luxembourg Garden, this apartment renovation by Toledano + Architects showcases a harmonious blend of historic charm and modern design. Completed in 2023, this project breathes new life into a quintessential Parisian home, crafting a sanctuary for a family of four.

Maximizing Natural Light and Spatial Fluidity

Recognizing the potential of the apartment’s fifth-floor vantage point, the design team focused on accentuating the stunning city views and optimizing natural light. By reconfiguring the previously compartmentalized layout, they created a seamless, double-exposure space that allows the occupants to experience the sun’s path from dawn to dusk.

Balancing Function and Aesthetics

The apartment’s design strikes a harmonious balance between practical living and elegant aesthetics. A bearing wall was strategically removed to open up the plan, while a pale green metal beam, a remnant of the previous structure, was highlighted as a design feature. The thoughtful division of spaces, with distinct zones for the parents’ suite, children’s suite, and the central living area, ensures a functional and seamless flow throughout the home.

Warm, Natural Materials and Bespoke Elements

The material palette of this project exudes a warm, inviting atmosphere. Natural lime-plastered walls, a light parquet floor, and the use of walnut wood and stainless steel in the custom joinery and furniture create a cohesive and visually appealing aesthetic. Bespoke elements, such as the felt curtain in the home office and the plywood built-ins in the children’s bedroom, add personality and practicality to the design.

Versatile and Adaptable Spaces

The designers have carefully considered the needs of the family, incorporating flexible and multifunctional spaces throughout the apartment. The home office, equipped with a circular felt curtain, can be transformed into a third bedroom when required, accommodating the family’s evolving needs. The open-plan living area, featuring a kitchen, dining room, and living room, can easily host large dinner parties, ensuring the space remains adaptable and accommodating.

A Harmonious Parisian Sanctuary

This apartment renovation by Toledano + Architects in Paris, France, is a testament to the team’s ability to seamlessly blend historical elements with contemporary design. By prioritizing natural light, spatial fluidity, and a warm, natural material palette, they have created a harmonious and adaptable sanctuary for the family of four, perfectly suited to the demanding yet charming cityscape of Paris.

Photography by Romain Ricard
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- by Matt Watts