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Kristy – Hughesdale House: Sustainable Design for a Growing Family

Contemporary home with sleek black exterior, open-plan layout, and lush landscaping.

Eckersley ArchitectsKristy – Hughesdale House in Melbourne, Australia, showcases a stunning single-level extension to a Victorian weatherboard, seamlessly blending modern design with the property’s historical charm. Designed in 2020, this family-friendly house features an open living space that effortlessly connects to the large backyard, addressing the homeowners’ need for additional space. The strategic placement of skylights and the use of robust materials, such as concrete, natural stone, and timber, create a harmonious and low-maintenance interior, while the structure’s flexible design allows for future expansion with a second level.

House for 2 Architects: Renovating a 19th-Century Paris Apartment

FeaturedSpacious room with wood shelving, colorful furniture, and modern decorative elements.

In the heart of Paris, nestled in the Latin Quarter near the Luxembourg Gardens, stands a stunning apartment renovation by the renowned Toledano + Architects. Designed in 2023, “House for 2 Architects” showcases a masterful transformation of a 19th-century space, blending modern design with the building’s historic charm. The open-plan layout maximizes natural light and breathtaking views, creating a serene and functional environment for a family of four.