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Domaine de Gory: Reclaimed Sheepfold Transformed into Holiday Cottage

Modern, minimalist cabin with glass walls and gable roof nestled in a forested setting.

Domaine de Gory, a striking retreat designed by TAUTEM Architecture, emerges in the picturesque Haute-Loire region of France. This eco-responsible project seamlessly blends local craftsmanship with a modern approach, offering guests the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in nature. The transformation of a historic sheepfold into a cozy holiday cottage, coupled with the construction of a new wooden chalet, showcases TAUTEM’s commitment to sustainable design and preserving the essence of the landscape.

Maison LoMaLyCha: A Contemporary House in Gigondas

Inviting Mediterranean-style villa with terrace, pool, and lush landscaping.

This stunning contemporary house, designed by Dany & Febvay Architectes, is located in the picturesque village of Gigondas, France. Constructed on a challenging site with multiple constraints, the five-level home seamlessly integrates into the surrounding landscape, showcasing the architects’ expertise in adapting to complex topographical conditions. Maison LoMaLyCha‘s thoughtful design and innovative use of space make it a standout example of contemporary French residential architecture.

Domaine de PIEBLANC: Designing a Winery in Gigondas, France

A modern, wooden-clad structure with a broad roof and expansive glass walls overlooking a lush, landscaped terrace.

The Domaine de PIEBLANC, a state-of-the-art winery in Gigondas, France, recently unveiled its latest architectural marvel designed by the renowned Dany & Febvay Architectes. This 2023 project focuses on the construction of a new winemaking cellar and aging facilities, seamlessly integrating the structure into the natural contours of the site. With over 40% of the volumes strategically placed underground, the design aims to minimize the visual impact on the surrounding agricultural landscape, while maximizing the functional efficiency of the winery through gravity-fed operations.

Inspired Renovation: Modernizing a 1960s House in Montpellier

Sleek, modern home with open floor plan, pool, and covered outdoor living area.

Brengues Le Pavec architects have transformed a 1960s house in Montpellier, France, into a stunning Inspired Renovation. The project, designed in 2024, features a rational and flat roof typology with the potential for additional volume. The extension aims to create a living space more closely linked to the garden, composed of simple vertical and horizontal planes that open up significant glazing. Raw materials like stamped concrete and stone on the ground, coupled with warm wooden panels inside, contribute to the project’s modern and inviting aesthetic.

Rue de Rivoli Apartment: A Modern Take on Parisian Luxury

Elegant, modern living room with stylish lighting, plush furniture, and a view of the Eiffel Tower.

In the heart of Paris, the Rue de Rivoli Apartment, designed by Diff Studio in 2023, blends historical elegance with modern luxury. This spacious 2,185 square feet (203 square meters) residence boasts a thoughtful integration of natural stone and brass, amplifying the classic charm of its interiors. From the expansive living room with its mirrored walls to the stunning views of Tuileries Garden through huge windows, every detail enriches the living experience, marrying functionality with a sumptuous aesthetic in Paris’ oldest park.

Virtuose: Preserving the Past, Embracing the Future in Paris

Modern marble lobby with arched entryways, curved furnishings, and tall column details.

Situated in the heart of Paris’ prestigious Golden Triangle, Virtuose stands as a shining example of Haussmannian elegance, meticulously renovated by PDA architecture in 2025. This century-old office space, originally constructed in 1903, has undergone a transformative revitalization, blending its storied past with the functionality of the present. Through meticulous research and preservation, the design team has honored the building’s architectural heritage while adapting it to the modern needs of its occupants.

House for 2 Architects: Renovating a 19th-Century Paris Apartment

FeaturedSpacious room with wood shelving, colorful furniture, and modern decorative elements.

In the heart of Paris, nestled in the Latin Quarter near the Luxembourg Gardens, stands a stunning apartment renovation by the renowned Toledano + Architects. Designed in 2023, “House for 2 Architects” showcases a masterful transformation of a 19th-century space, blending modern design with the building’s historic charm. The open-plan layout maximizes natural light and breathtaking views, creating a serene and functional environment for a family of four.