Parisian Elegance: Art-Filled Luxury in Paris

Experience Parisian Elegance, a luxurious, modern apartment designed by Diff Studio in the heart of Paris. Blending classic French charm with contemporary elements, this 2023 renovation highlights stunning art, vibrant furniture, and meticulous attention to detail.

Ornate, light-filled room with luxurious furnishings and architectural details.
Elegant, ornate living room with plush furniture, large windows, and a patterned rug.
Elegant, light-filled interior with arched windows, ornate fireplace, and lush plant decor.
A spacious, elegantly decorated living room with ornate ceiling moldings, bookshelves, and comfortable seating.
A spacious dining room with a wooden table, black chairs, and built-in bookshelves along the walls, illuminated by modern pendant lights.
Sleek black-and-gold kitchen with marble countertops, modern lighting, and stylish barstools.
Sleek modern kitchen with black cabinetry, gold-accented bar stools, and large windows.
Elegant modern interior with sleek white walls, dark wooden floors, and metallic accents.
Cozy bedroom with floral wallpaper, shelving, and plush seating for a warm, inviting ambiance.
Minimalist bedroom design with recessed lighting, dark color palette, and elevated platform bed.
Luxurious bathroom with marble-patterned walls, brass fixtures, and a freestanding tub.
Sleek, minimalist bathroom featuring monochrome marble tiles, a circular mirror, and built-in shelving.

About Parisian Elegance

Diff Studio aimed to blend modern art with the apartment’s overall design. Designers emphasized balance and harmony. They highlighted color accents to draw attention to the paintings and sculptures. The interior of this bright Paris apartment combines classic and modern styles. This mix creates an attractive and stylish environment. The design pays special attention to detail, reflecting tradition while incorporating modern elements.

Spacious and Functional Design

The 123 square meter (1,324 square feet) apartment features a spacious open living room. It includes a master bedroom with a bathroom and two children’s rooms. During the remodel, preserving main spaces and classic wall decorations was crucial. This approach maintained the style and integrity of the interior. Additionally, it avoided major changes to the building’s structure.

Modern Furniture and Unique Lighting

The design uses bright, modern furniture. Designers chose Poliform Italian round sofas and a Gubi armchair. These pieces blend perfectly with the interior style. Moooi’s vibrant jungle-themed rug adds color and interest. In the dining area, Vitra chairs represent modern design and convenience.

Lighting received particular care. Designers created a unique lamp for the living room. Morgen studio in Italy made it to order, following the designers’ drawings. Additionally, accent lighting from the Flos factory adds warmth and coziness. The dark modern kitchen, with brass bar counters from the American Twentieth factory, contrasts wonderfully with the white classic kitchen. This contrast gives the interior a casual and bold look.


Overall, Diff Studio combined functionality, aesthetics, and quality in this bright Paris apartment. They created an interior that reflects the client’s individuality and taste, while preserving the character and charm of France.

Photography by WhiteMovie production

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- by Matt Watts