Loft in New York by Oda New York

55 Mercer aka Loft in New York is an amazing industrial loft apartment located in the Big Apple, redesigned by Oda New York.

Urban chic living room with exposed brick wall and large windows.
Modern living room with exposed brick walls and contemporary furniture.
Industrial-chic dining space with exposed brick and beams, plus a long window.
Modern kitchen with exposed brick wall and island.
Minimalist staircase with dark steps, white walls, and framed art.
Contemporary bedroom with plush bedding and decorative wall accent.
Sophisticated bathroom with geometric light fixture and marble accents.
Modern rooftop terrace with outdoor seating and open living room at dusk.
Elegant restored townhouse with ornate facade and fire escape.

About Loft in New York

Nestled in the vibrant heart of New York City lies the “Loft in New York,” a testament to contemporary design by Oda New York. This loft apartment, situated within the historic 55 Mercer building, captures the essence of urban elegance.

Timeless Exterior, Modern Flair

The loft’s façade, a conservation effort, beautifully maintains the original cast iron work indicative of New York’s industrial past. Designed to blend with the streetscape, the exterior of 55 Mercer quietly commands attention. Above, a modern addition – invisible from the street – boasts a rooftop penthouse. Here, the design transcends time, merging the classic with the contemporary.

Inside the Loft

Stepping inside, the loft unfurls into an expansive living space, where exposed brick walls meet sleek, modern furnishings. The juxtaposition of old and new creates a dialogue between the loft’s historic roots and its modern transformation. The natural light that floods through large windows illuminates the contemporary interior, highlighting the detailed work of Oda New York.

A Nod to the Present

Each room within the loft serves as a canvas for modern living, with carefully selected decor that accentuates the apartment’s design style. From the intimate embrace of the plush bedroom to the open-air freedom of the rooftop terrace, the loft offers a serene retreat from the city’s bustle. This restoration project, completed with both reverence for history and a nod to present-day sensibilities, stands as a cultural hallmark in New York City’s architectural landscape.

In every corner, “Loft in New York” remains a respectful allusion to history and a quiet nod to the present, a space where design narratives of past and present coalesce.

Photography by Frank Oudeman

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- by Matt Watts