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Rue de Rivoli Apartment: A Modern Take on Parisian Luxury

Elegant, modern living room with stylish lighting, plush furniture, and a view of the Eiffel Tower.

In the heart of Paris, the Rue de Rivoli Apartment, designed by Diff Studio in 2023, blends historical elegance with modern luxury. This spacious 2,185 square feet (203 square meters) residence boasts a thoughtful integration of natural stone and brass, amplifying the classic charm of its interiors. From the expansive living room with its mirrored walls to the stunning views of Tuileries Garden through huge windows, every detail enriches the living experience, marrying functionality with a sumptuous aesthetic in Paris’ oldest park.

Virtuose: Preserving the Past, Embracing the Future in Paris

Modern marble lobby with arched entryways, curved furnishings, and tall column details.

Situated in the heart of Paris’ prestigious Golden Triangle, Virtuose stands as a shining example of Haussmannian elegance, meticulously renovated by PDA architecture in 2025. This century-old office space, originally constructed in 1903, has undergone a transformative revitalization, blending its storied past with the functionality of the present. Through meticulous research and preservation, the design team has honored the building’s architectural heritage while adapting it to the modern needs of its occupants.

House for 2 Architects: Renovating a 19th-Century Paris Apartment

FeaturedSpacious room with wood shelving, colorful furniture, and modern decorative elements.

In the heart of Paris, nestled in the Latin Quarter near the Luxembourg Gardens, stands a stunning apartment renovation by the renowned Toledano + Architects. Designed in 2023, “House for 2 Architects” showcases a masterful transformation of a 19th-century space, blending modern design with the building’s historic charm. The open-plan layout maximizes natural light and breathtaking views, creating a serene and functional environment for a family of four.

The Lighthouse: A Parisian Apartment with Ocean Views

Modernist staircase with steel railing and built-in shelving in open-concept living space.

Discover The Lighthouse, a Paris, France-based apartment designed by Toledano + Architects in 2024. This duplex marvel weaves together the fluidity of the Atlantic Ocean with innovative design, featuring a mesmerizing bay window that brings the Biarritz lighthouse into your living room. With its curved layout inspired by crashing waves and a blend of oak, stainless steel, and travertine, this apartment redefines coastal living.

Beaurepaire: How Paris’s 60s Apartments Get a Sustainable Makeover

Minimalist kitchen with green accent wall, stainless steel appliances, and wooden chairs.

Discover Beaurepaire, a stunning apartment in Pantin, Paris, France, designed by Atelier Apara. This 1960s apartment has been thoughtfully renovated, mixing materials like mahogany, resin, and stainless steel to honor its architecture. The demolition of a dividing wall has transformed the kitchen and living room into a welcoming, light-filled space, showcasing sustainable and innovative design in urban living.

Chuquet: Transforming a Garage into a Bright Apartment

Minimalist kitchen with light wood cabinets and green floor.

Discover the Chuquet apartment in Paris, France, a masterful transformation by Atelier Apara from an old garage to a vibrant living space. Designed in 2022, this unique project showcases an innovative conversion within a limited budget, optimizing the use of space and light to create a bright and atypical home. The design cleverly separates living and private areas while integrating contemporary elements that enhance both functionality and aesthetic appeal.