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Marceau Penthouse: Eclectic Elegance in Paris

Modern living room with glass partition, elegant furniture, and shelving.

Welcome to the Marceau Penthouse, an architectural jewel designed by Hélène Van Marcke Studio in the vibrant heart of Paris’ 8th arrondissement. This apartment perfectly combines the elegance of classic Haussmannian features with an eclectic design aesthetic.

A stunning, fluid staircase connects the living spaces, while panoramic views stretch from the Arc de Triomphe to the Eiffel Tower. The interior is a canvas for a breathtaking art and design collection, complemented by bespoke furnishings and a modern interpretation of traditional details.

The Marceau Penthouse is a testament to timeless design and sophisticated urban living.

Oasis Urbaine: Biarritz’s Modern Townhouse

Modern living room with minimalistic furniture and neutral tones.

Discover Oasis Urbaine, a stunningly restructured townhouse in the heart of Biarritz, France. Crafted in 2023 by the renowned Maentler Studio, this modern home showcases the epitome of design innovation.

Oasis Urbaine blends sleek modernity with the timeless elegance inherent to this historic French town. Experience a blend of luxury and comfort in a setting that’s as culturally rich as it is visually stunning.

Apartment Refurbishment: Paris Loft’s Modern Elegance

Apartment Refurbishment: Paris Loft’s Modern Elegance

In Apartment Refurbishment, a loft in Neuilly-sur-Seine is masterfully transformed by Nicola Mameli. This 2022 project elevates a 220 sqm (2368 sq ft) space into a pinnacle of urban, modern design. Occupying the 6th and 7th floors, the penthouse includes a vast 200 sqm (2153 sq ft) terrace, offering stunning vistas of Paris. The blend of industrial and elegant elements, from parquet to exposed brick, creates a uniquely inviting atmosphere.

This renovation is not just a redesign, but a reinvention of contemporary urban living.

FRI’ House: Concrete Elegance in Castelnau-le-Lez

FRI’ House: Concrete Elegance in Castelnau-le-Lez

In the scenic town of Castelnau-le-Lez, France, Brengues Le Pavec Architects have crafted a modern marvel with FRI’ House. This concrete, two-story home boasts a unique blend of space and light, seamlessly merging indoor and outdoor living.

With vast windows illuminating the interiors and innovative design techniques amplifying the home’s spaciousness, it’s a testament to contemporary architectural prowess.