Paris Apartment: A Modern Twist on Classic Haussmann Design

Explore the Parisian Apartment, a 2023 marvel by Christèle Remy, where classic Haussmann charm meets eclectic modernity in the heart of Paris. This renovation highlights original features like parquet flooring and moldings, paired with unique finds like a Chesterfield sofa and bespoke headboards, creating a space that’s both timeless and contemporary.

Elegant living room with vintage furniture and mural wall.
Elegant living room with classic mural, modern furniture, and hardwood floors.
Modern kitchen with stainless steel appliances, a wooden dining table, and herringbone
Modern kitchen with stainless appliances and a wooden dining table.
Modern bedroom with white walls, red curtains, and wooden floors.
Modern bedroom with white bedding and vintage mural artwork.
Modern minimalist bedroom with floral accent wall and white furniture.
A clean, modern bathroom with a blue tiled shower, white walls, and a

Reviving Parisian Elegance

We embarked on a transformative journey, renovating a 95m2 (1023 sq ft) Haussmann-style apartment while preserving its original charm. This included the iconic parquet floors, elegant moldings, and a spacious living area. Moreover, the project entailed thoughtful room layouts, intricate decoration, and meticulous furniture selection.

Additionally, we focused on sourcing distinctive second-hand furniture to enhance the apartment’s character. Key pieces included a leather Chesterfield sofa, office-designed armchairs, and a vintage 1950s Scandinavian piece.

Modern Touches in a Classic Space

Furthermore, the architectural renovation primarily involved creating an additional bedroom. This new space emerged from a section of the large living area overlooking the boulevard. Subsequently, we revitalized the well-worn original parquet, infusing chic style into the kitchen. This revamp featured a sleek black granite worktop and backsplash.

Finally, every bedroom benefited from custom-made headboards. We paid special attention to lighting and wallpapers, ensuring each element contributed to the apartment’s unique ambiance.

About Paris Apartment

Photography courtesy of Christèle Remy

- by Matt Watts