Marceau Penthouse: Eclectic Elegance in Paris

Welcome to the Marceau Penthouse, an architectural jewel designed by Hélène Van Marcke Studio in the vibrant heart of Paris’ 8th arrondissement. This apartment perfectly combines the elegance of classic Haussmannian features with an eclectic design aesthetic.

A stunning, fluid staircase connects the living spaces, while panoramic views stretch from the Arc de Triomphe to the Eiffel Tower. The interior is a canvas for a breathtaking art and design collection, complemented by bespoke furnishings and a modern interpretation of traditional details.

The Marceau Penthouse is a testament to timeless design and sophisticated urban living.

Modern living room with glass partition, elegant furniture, and shelving.
Modern dining room with herringbone floor and artistic chandelier.
Modern kitchen with marble countertops and minimalistic cabinetry.
Elegant living room with neutral tones, modern sofa, artwork, and natural light
Elegant hallway with herringbone flooring leading to a curved staircase.
Minimalist bedroom detail with a wall-mounted bedside lamp and wooden drawer.
Modern bedroom with a sleek wooden sideboard and floating shelves above.
Modern attic bedroom with exposed beams and skylights.
Modern minimalist interior with exposed beams, colorful furniture, and freestanding bathtub.
Modern attic room with large slanted windows and a cozy seating area.
Modern attic bedroom with exposed beams and skylights.
Minimalist bathroom with exposed wooden beams and marble sink.

About Marceau Penthouse

A Parisian Penthouse Transformation

A typical Parisian building in the 8th arrondissement now boasts a transformed penthouse. The renovation connected attic rooms to the apartment below with a fluid, plaster-clad staircase. This staircase lights up the path between public and private spaces.

Modern Meets Classic

The redesign embraced Haussmannian details with a modern twist. Bleached oak floors in “pointe de Hongrie” style and open views between rooms bring a fresh perspective. Additionally, plaster moldings and a glass-partitioned artist’s studio add unique touches. Furthermore, panoramic views link the Arc de Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower, and Montmartre, enhancing the exterior allure.

The architecture’s sober and timeless nature sets the perfect stage for an impressive art and design collection. This collection infuses the space with vibrant colors and life.

Eclectic Interior Accents

A blend of African designs from Maison Intègre and avant-garde pieces by Van Severen, Paulin, and Charpin enrich the setting. This eclectic mix sits alongside vintage lighting by Gino Sarfatti and Paavo Tynell, plus Sheila Hicks tapestries. Hélène Van Marcke’s studio custom-designed several furniture pieces, including desks, sofas, and a headboard with Sam Kasten’s hand-woven upholstery, adding a personal touch to many rooms.

This penthouse redefines living spaces by merging classic Parisian architecture with contemporary design and bespoke interiors. The result is a living space that not only respects its historic roots but also embraces modern luxury and artistic expression.

Photography by Cafeine

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- by Matt Watts