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Marceau Penthouse: Eclectic Elegance in Paris

Modern living room with glass partition, elegant furniture, and shelving.

Welcome to the Marceau Penthouse, an architectural jewel designed by Hélène Van Marcke Studio in the vibrant heart of Paris’ 8th arrondissement. This apartment perfectly combines the elegance of classic Haussmannian features with an eclectic design aesthetic.

A stunning, fluid staircase connects the living spaces, while panoramic views stretch from the Arc de Triomphe to the Eiffel Tower. The interior is a canvas for a breathtaking art and design collection, complemented by bespoke furnishings and a modern interpretation of traditional details.

The Marceau Penthouse is a testament to timeless design and sophisticated urban living.

Kabuchin Penthouse: A Hanoi Haven of Adventure & Style

Modern dining area with textured ceiling, wooden cabinetry, and sleek chairs.

Kabuchin Penthouse in Hanoi, Vietnam, skillfully renovated by Idee Architects Vietnam in 2023, exemplifies an innovative blend of midcentury modern and contemporary design. Tailored for a dynamic family life, the apartment features an elevated mezzanine for children, play areas, and ingenious hidden doors, evoking the excitement of Indiana Jones. The clever use of space integrates functional rooms into a distinctive stone wall, crafting a cave-like ambiance while offering expansive views. This creative sanctuary caters to the adventurous spirit of a young, active family.

Queen of the Desert: Be’er Sheva’s Penthouse Transformation

FeaturedQueen of the Desert: Be’er Sheva’s Penthouse Transformation

The Queen of the Desert project by Tzvia Kazayoff showcases the remarkable transformation of a 3-bedroom Be’er Sheva apartment into a 195 sqm (2,099 sqft) modern penthouse. Located in the heart of Israel, this home blends contemporary design with desert-inspired tones. The renovation echoes the Negev capital’s vibrant spirit and sun-drenched landscape, merging practicality with aesthetic elegance in a space that once lacked proportion.

The Happy Penthouse: Colorful Living Meets Practical Design

The Happy Penthouse: Colorful Living Meets Practical Design

Explore The Happy Penthouse, a modern and playful family space in Israel, designed by Meital Zimber. This penthouse apartment blends vibrant colors and practical design, completing an impressive transformation in just three weeks. From a colorful living room with a 6-meter (19.7 feet) wall to a serene, coffee-toned kitchen, each element reflects the family’s dynamic lifestyle, ensuring both comfort and style.

A1.23 Penthouse: Istanbul’s Sky-Lit Luxury

FeaturedA1.23 Penthouse: Istanbul’s Sky-Lit Luxury

The A1.23 Penthouse in Istanbul’s Erenköy district, envisioned by, is a triumph of contemporary design. Crafted in 2023, this two-story apartment boasts a stunning glass roofed living room, harmonizing natural materials with a flood of light. Spanning 150 square meters, the penthouse features an open floor plan that extends to a terrace with a jacuzzi, all underscored by a serene color palette reflecting the urban elegance of Istanbul.

New Penthouse with Pool: Contemporary Living in Israel

FeaturedNew Penthouse with Pool: Contemporary Living in Israel

Embark on a journey through the New Penthouse with Swimming Pool in Ashdod, Israel, a 2022 creation by Rema Architects. This contemporary penthouse marvels with its clean, minimalist design, blending white and wood in a symphony of elegance. From a space-efficient dining area to a kitchen that doubles as a practical sculpture, every corner radiates sophisticated simplicity, accentuated by strategic lighting. This penthouse redefines modern luxury living.

When Jerusalem Meets Tel Aviv: A Modern-Industrial Penthouse Apartment

When Jerusalem Meets Tel Aviv: A Modern-Industrial Penthouse Apartment

When Jerusalem meets Tel Aviv, envisioned by Yaron Eldad and nestled in Herzliya, is a penthouse apartment that embodies a modern-industrial design. Completed in 2023, this home celebrates a blend of Jerusalemite artistry with the crisp, open-air style of a New York loft, offering breathtaking views of Tel Aviv’s skyline. It’s a space that honors its heritage while embracing the dynamic needs of a contemporary family.