Kabuchin Penthouse: A Hanoi Haven of Adventure & Style

Kabuchin Penthouse in Hanoi, Vietnam, skillfully renovated by Idee Architects Vietnam in 2023, exemplifies an innovative blend of midcentury modern and contemporary design. Tailored for a dynamic family life, the apartment features an elevated mezzanine for children, play areas, and ingenious hidden doors, evoking the excitement of Indiana Jones. The clever use of space integrates functional rooms into a distinctive stone wall, crafting a cave-like ambiance while offering expansive views. This creative sanctuary caters to the adventurous spirit of a young, active family.

Modern living room with large windows, an orange sofa, and a grand piano.
Modern open-plan living space with grand piano and wooden floors.
Modern living room with grand piano and minimalistic furniture.
Modern living room with grand piano, sectional sofa, and unique ceiling design.
Modern living room with stylish furniture and a grand piano.
Modern dining area with textured ceiling, wooden cabinetry, and sleek chairs.
Modern interior with wooden stairs and marble walls.
Interior view of a playroom with climbing wall and net bridge.
Modern bedroom with two beds and vibrant wall art.
Modern minimalist bedroom with large bed, stone accent wall, and floor-to-ceiling
Modern bathroom with vibrant mural, freestanding tubs, and reflective glass division
Modern apartment interior with sleek black glass partitions and wooden flooring.

About Kabuchin Penthouse

Revitalizing the Kabuchin Penthouse

The soaring floor height of the apartment, once outdated, now sparkles with new life. The growing family’s needs fueled a substantial renovation. This transformation specifically tailored the space to the family’s unique requirements.

A Playful, Family-Centric Design

Drawing inspiration from the Indiana Jones movie, the architect reimagined the apartment. The design includes numerous play areas, like a communal playground, fostering family connection. Active and sports-loving children inspired an environment that’s both stimulating and includes an outdoor space.

Innovative Use of Space and Materials

A large steel floor, held aloft by wooden columns, creates a children’s mezzanine. In contrast, elements like sanitation, storage, and functional rooms hide within a large stone wall. This material juxtaposition crafts a space reminiscent of a cave or forest. The wooden columns carve out versatile areas, adaptable to various needs and imaginations.

Expansive Communal Areas

The apartment’s communal space now flows unimpeded, offering panoramic views. Hidden in recessed cabinets and stone walls, ancillary functions like showers, toilets, and storage maximize space efficiency.

Creative and Dynamic Living

Strategically placed hidden doors bring surprises and versatility to the space. They allow seamless connection or separation, depending on use. This design approach underscores the apartment’s blend of creativity, inspiration, and freedom.

Photography courtesy of idee architects Vietnam

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- by Matt Watts