Art + Heritage: Luxe ’70s-Inspired Dubai Apartment

Art + Heritage, an apartment designed by Natasha Sturko Interiors in 2022, stands as a beacon of midcentury modern luxury in Dubai, UAE. Its design cleverly marries rust and ochre with a base of ivory and creams, accented by bold black. Showcasing regional artworks against a backdrop of high ceilings and limestone flooring, this space harmoniously blends ’70s-inspired statement furniture with the elegance of modern living.

Modern living room with eclectic furniture and artistic lighting fixture.
Modern living room with white sofa, marble table, abstract art, and accent chairs
Modern living room with minimalist black shelving, TV, and neutral sofa.
Modern living room with mint green armchair, patterned rug, and floor-to
Modern living room with large sofa, neutral tones, and floor-to-ceiling windows
Modern minimalist dining area with sleek table, wooden chairs, and sheer curtains.
Modern dining room with a round table, chairs, and minimalist decor.
Bright room with sheer curtains, yellow lounge chair, and potted plant.
Minimalist interior with an abstract painting, a curved bench, and an arched
Minimalist living room with white sofa, pendant light, and plant.
Minimalist bedroom with a sleek bed, wall-mounted nightstands, and neutral tones

About Art + Heritage

Embarking on a tour of “Art + Heritage,” a luxurious midcentury modern apartment designed by Natasha Sturko Interiors in 2022, we begin in the heart of Dubai, UAE. This residence is a celebration of opulent design that pays homage to the artistic flair and rich cultural legacy of the region.

Welcoming Sophistication

The journey into sophistication starts with the living room, a space where creamy whites and organic textures converge. A tufted, plump sofa, resembling a collection of soft clouds, invites relaxation, while the spherical, clustered lighting fixture above mirrors a constellation of style. The background features a stunning circular art piece, adding a dash of intrigue behind a duo of leather-bound chairs.

Cinematic Elegance

Transitioning to the entertainment lounge, the scene is set with a sleek, black media console that anchors the space. Above, minimalist shelves present curated artifacts that tell their own silent stories. The sectional sofa, adorned with rust-hued pillows, offers a cozy vantage point for cinematic enjoyment or a leisurely read.

Illuminated Leisure

Light floods the adjoining sitting area, where the outside world is gently ushered in through floor-to-ceiling windows. The space is grounded by a modular sofa in neutral tones, creating a serene haven. Accent pillows in burnt orange provide a warm pop of color, enhancing the room’s inviting ambience.

Midcentury Dining Reimagined

The dining space is a modern nod to midcentury aesthetics, where simplicity and sophistication meet. An elegantly understated oval table takes center stage, complemented by slender-legged chairs that speak to both comfort and style. The conversation piece of the room is undoubtedly the singular sculpture—a bold yet refined statement of the room’s intended character.

Tranquil Resting Quarters

In the bedroom, tranquility reigns with a minimalist approach to luxury. The bed, an epitome of modern design, promises restful nights with its tailored headboard and unadorned elegance. It’s a space designed not just for sleeping, but for providing a restorative retreat from the bustling city life of Dubai.

By maintaining a consistent theme of midcentury modern design infused with luxury, Natasha Sturko Interiors has ensured that “Art + Heritage” is not just an apartment, but a holistic experience of style and substance.

Photography by Natelee Cocks

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- by Matt Watts