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Corso Plebisciti: Retro-Inspired Apartment Renovation in Milan

Spacious living room with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, plush seating, and modern decor.

Nestled in the heart of Milan, Italy, the Corso Plebisciti apartment project by Grigiomateria effortlessly blends mid-century modern design with bold, vibrant colors and rich textures. This 2019 renovation transformed the space, utilizing teal hues, walnut wood, and plush velvet to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Wallpapers added a modern touch, complementing the overall design aesthetic.

Sports Enthusiasts’ Hideaway: Blending Mid-Century Charm

FeaturedA modern, open-concept home with wood, stone, and glass elements, surrounded by lush greenery.

Passion for sports and a desire for a modern, open-concept living space led this California family to embark on a remarkable home renovation project with Klopf Architecture. The Sports Enthusiasts’ Hideaway in Los Gatos, a reimagined mid-century modern house, features expanded living areas, a new bedroom, and a revitalized primary bath, all designed to seamlessly integrate with the lush outdoor amenities, including a sports lawn, plunge pools, and a pool house.

Heatherhill Beach House: Embracing Danish Summerhouse Traditions

Minimalist wooden interior with large window overlooking the sea.

Discover Heatherhill Beach House in Denmark, designed by Norm Architects in 2024. This exquisite house blends Danish architectural traditions with modern innovation, creating a seamless interface with nature. It’s a tranquil retreat that respects the environment and emphasizes materiality, integrating wood and natural light to enhance its connection to the beautiful landscape and Kattegat.

Jackson Hole Lodge: A Peek Inside the Ultimate Mountain Retreat

Modern wooden house with large windows against a hill, blurred cyclist in foreground.

Designed by AMMOR Architecture in 2019, the Jackson Hole Lodge marries the rugged beauty of Jackson, WY with refined modern living. This private house blends natural wood elements and expansive windows with mid-century modern interiors, offering an intimate connection to the tranquil mountainous landscape. Discover elegance and simplicity seamlessly integrated into every space, from the open-concept living area to the serene en-suite spa retreat.

East Village Apartment: Reviving History

FeaturedModern kitchen interior with wooden cabinetry and terracotta accents.

GRT Architects skillfully reimagined the East Village Apartment in Onyx Court, blending mid-century modern design with the building’s rich artistic legacy. Established in 1902 in the heart of Manhattan’s vibrant theater district, this renovation honors its historical roots while introducing contemporary comforts and a thoughtful layout.

The project showcases a reconfigured kitchen with playful textures, a light-filled living area, and spaces that nurture creativity, paying tribute to generations of artistic expression within these walls.

Residência Araucária: Mid-Century Charm in Brazil’s Guaporé

Modern home exterior with pool and hammock.

Embrace the elegance of Residência Araucária, a stunning example of mid-century modern design in Guaporé, Brazil. Crafted by VOO® Arquitetura e Engenharia in 2020, this single-story house harmoniously merges with its verdant surroundings.

Its unique location in a condominium near a green massif enhances its charm. The residence, a fusion of art and architecture, offers a tranquil retreat where indoor and outdoor spaces fluidly intertwine.

Harmony: 3P Studio’s Fusion of Memories & Modernity

Modern living room with blue walls, wooden furniture, and an open-plan layout.

Explore Harmony by 3P Studio, a stunning midcentury modern apartment in Florianópolis, Brazil. This design marvel blends the couple’s cherished travel memories with sleek, modern functionality.

Emphasizing natural light and quality of life, each space within the apartment is a tribute to their global adventures, seamlessly integrating cultural elements from their significant travels into the very heart of their home.

Discover how personal history and contemporary design converge in this unique living space.

Woodland House: Midcentury Charm in Toronto’s Preserve

Modern living room with large windows, a sectional sofa, and wooden accents.

Woodland, a stunning architectural achievement by Frankfranco Architects, sits atop a nature preserve near Toronto. This Vaughan-based house, completed in 2022, skillfully marries Midcentury Modernist design with sustainable luxury.

The 6,000-square-foot side-split home, built on a historic two-acre property, showcases unique C-shaped architecture, minimalist grey exteriors with bespoke brass inlays, and interiors rich in natural materials like walnut and slate.