Jackson Hole Lodge: A Peek Inside the Ultimate Mountain Retreat

Designed by AMMOR Architecture in 2019, the Jackson Hole Lodge marries the rugged beauty of Jackson, WY with refined modern living. This private house blends natural wood elements and expansive windows with mid-century modern interiors, offering an intimate connection to the tranquil mountainous landscape. Discover elegance and simplicity seamlessly integrated into every space, from the open-concept living area to the serene en-suite spa retreat.

Modern wooden house with large windows against a hill, blurred cyclist in foreground.
Modern living room with colorful wall art, fireplace, and sleek furniture.
Modern living room with dining area, wooden cabinet, and stylish decor.
Modern living room with colorful pendant lights and mid-century furniture.
Bright, streamlined kitchen with white cabinetry and a central island.
Modern bedroom with white bedding, wooden headboard, and colorful wall art.
Bright, contemporary hallway with art displayed on white walls.
Contemporary bedroom with sleek furnishings and artwork.
Minimalist interior with large windows overlooking nature.
Modern glass-walled cabin with wooden accents surrounded by greenery

About Jackson Hole Lodge

Welcome to Jackson Hole Lodge

Nestled in the picturesque landscape of Jackson, WY, the Jackson Hole Lodge stands as a pinnacle of private residential design. Conceived by AMMOR Architecture LLP in 2019, this house merges the rugged with the refined. Its exterior, featuring natural wood and expansive windows, effortlessly complements the serene mountainous backdrop.

A Tour Through Modern Tranquility

Step inside to be greeted by an inviting, open-concept living room. Here, clean lines and an enveloping warmth harmonize. The eye is drawn to vivid artwork, a focal point amidst an array of mid-century modern furnishings. Moving into the dining area, the seamless transition maintains the design ethos, with a striking mix of natural wood and iconic Eames chairs situated under a playful burst of pendant lights.

Adjacent lies the kitchen, where the heart of the home beats with modernity and function. State-of-the-art appliances nest among white cabinetry and a delicately tiled backsplash, while the central island invites casual gatherings.

Private Spaces with a Personal Touch

The master bedroom echoes the balance of elegance and simplicity found throughout the lodge. Art pieces inject color and life, standing out against the understated luxury of the room’s design. Meanwhile, the second bedroom offers a softer palette, creating a sanctuary for relaxation with natural light spilling through large windows.

Exploring further reveals a luminously serene office space. A large desk faces outwards, offering inspiration through views of nature, surrounded by thoughtfully curated art.

Lastly, the home extends into an en-suite spa retreat. Floor-to-ceiling windows provide an unhindered connection to the outside world, and the covered patio offers a meditative space that blurs the line between the indoors and the majestic Wyoming landscape beyond. The Jackson Hole Lodge not only stands as an architectural feat but also as a profound statement of living in harmony with nature’s grandeur.

Photography courtesy of AMMOR Architecture
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- by Matt Watts