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Ruby Ridge House by Condon Scott Architects

FeaturedRuby Ridge House by Condon Scott Architects

Designed by Barry Condon of Condon Scott Architects, Ruby Ridge House is situated on a challenging, wedge-shaped site that borders two suburban streets. With a simple, mono-pitched roof and curve-edged, cedar-clad walls, the dynamic design directs the observer’s view towards the alpine panorama ahead, allowing the homeowners to enjoy their space without the sense of being overlooked.

Baan Nonthaburi by Plan Architect

Baan Nonthaburi by Plan Architect

Dive into the luxurious world of Baan Nonthaburi, a contemporary and stylish residence nestled in the heart of Mueang Nonthaburi, Thailand. Designed by Plan Architect in 2018, this exquisite property boasts an array of premium sports facilities, seamlessly integrated with nature and the existing home.

Marvel at the pavilion’s stunning design as it captures the essence of Thailand’s tropical paradise while offering the ultimate in modern living.