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O-asis by The Ranch Mine

FeaturedO-asis by The Ranch Mine

Immerse yourself in the serene beauty of the O-asis, a solar-powered modern marvel designed by The Ranch Mine, tucked away in the stunning landscape of Phoenix, Arizona.

This single-story home masterfully integrates cutting-edge technology and nature, offering a harmonious living space that celebrates the enchanting Sonoran desert. Explore the captivating blend of music, sunlight, and desert flora and fauna as you wander through this architectural gem nestled against the picturesque Phoenix mountain preserve.

House L by Plasma Studio

House L by Plasma Studio

Discover House L, an architectural masterpiece nestled in the heart of Gsies, Italy. Designed by Plasma Studio in 2018, this contemporary L-shaped house uniquely integrates with its protected environment, enveloping an ancient silver fir tree.

With its artful arrangement around the tree and a keen focus on the surrounding verdant landscape, this exceptional residence offers a harmonious blend of modern design and nature. Beyond the aesthetic appeal, House L shines with an array of distinctive features, such as strategically positioned rooms that optimize sunlight exposure, unique split-level bedrooms, and a distinctive material palette that emphasizes minimalism and contrasts.

Villa SV by Jofre Roca Arquitectes

FeaturedVilla SV by Jofre Roca Arquitectes

Discover Villa SV, a breathtaking two-story house nestled on the hillside of Tibidabo in Barcelona, Spain. The brainchild of Jofre Roca Arquitectes, this brick house was designed in 2018 and masterfully fuses city living benefits with a country house’s charm.

Known for its panoramic views over Barcelona, the location offers an unbeatable urban environment. Villa SV‘s intricate design utilizes traditional production methods, energy-passive solutions, and locally sourced materials, cultivating an authentic and homely atmosphere. This spacious dwelling, spanning over 1,000 square meters (approx. 10,764 square feet), is spread across three levels and features a design where the brick unity dictates the space dimensions.

Its stunning design and thoughtful attention to detail make Villa SV the epitome of modern living in harmony with nature.

Greenhouse by RicharDavidArchitekti

Greenhouse by RicharDavidArchitekti

Unveiling a paradigm of modern architectural aesthetics, the Greenhouse project, designed by RicharDavidArchitekti, is a striking residence nestled in Chlum, Czech Republic. Notable for its abundant natural beauty, Chlum now hosts this novel residential marvel that marries ecological responsibility with stylish design. Devised in 2018, the property redefines the concept of a house with its unique three-stage design process, a greenhouse on the roof, and the thoughtful use of materials, all encapsulated within its 3100 m2 (0.77 acres) plot.

Distinguished by its harmonious integration with an adjoining orchard, the Greenhouse showcases innovative design approaches that beautifully weave into every element of the property.

Montana Modern House by Cameron MacAllister

Montana Modern House by Cameron MacAllister

Immerse yourself in the stunning fusion of mid-century modern design and local Montana charm, brought to life in the Montana Modern House. Designed by the visionary Cameron MacAllister, this picturesque retreat takes advantage of Montana’s breathtaking landscapes, with thoughtful architectural elements offering panoramic views.

The unique blend of naturally-aged, locally-sourced materials and playful pops of color creates a harmonious balance between the home and its environment. With an emphasis on sustainability, this modern retreat showcases an upgraded insulation package and in-floor radiant heating throughout, eliminating the need for air conditioning. Its intelligent design extends to include an attached apartment, promising a cozy multigenerational dwelling that caters to every family milestone.