Modern Farmhouse by Susan Love Design

This modern farmhouse situated in Saratoga, California, was designed by Susan Love Design.

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About Modern Farmhouse

Welcome to “Modern Farmhouse,” a masterpiece of rural charm and modern sophistication located in the heart of Saratoga, California. Crafted by Susan Love Design, this modern real estate gem melds farmhouse tradition with contemporary elegance, inviting nature inside in a seamless transition that speaks to the soul of design.

The Heart of the Home: A Living Room with a View

As we step into the living room, the outside world retreats, yet remains in sight through vast windows framing the serene outdoors. The space, a symphony of soft neutrals and pops of orange, boasts elegant pendant lights that hang like jewels, casting a warm glow over the twin coffee tables that anchor the room. Comfort pairs with style in every corner, from the plush sofas to the artful display of books and objects, inviting one to linger.

Culinary Elegance: A Kitchen Where Function Meets Beauty

Moving to the kitchen, functionality dances with aesthetics. The bold blue island, a stark contrast to the crisp white cabinets, creates a central hub for culinary creativity. Gold fixtures and lighting add a touch of luxury, complementing the exposed wood beams that recall the home’s farmhouse roots. This space isn’t just a kitchen; it’s a statement of modern farmhouse design, where every meal becomes a crafted experience.

Dine in Style: A Dining Room That Tells a Story

Adjacent to the kitchen, the dining room invites intimate gatherings. A sleek, modern table surrounded by vibrant red chairs adds a burst of energy, while a golden-legged dog sits, adding warmth and a hint of whimsy. The large windows ensure that daylight is always a guest at the table, enhancing every meal with the natural beauty of Saratoga’s landscapes.

Spirited Sophistication: A Bar that Mixes More Than Drinks

The narrative then flows into a bar area that exudes sophistication. Here, dark cabinets contrast with the sparkle of crystal and the richness of leather stools, while playful orange accents echo the living room’s vibrant energy. It’s a corner of the house that mixes more than just drinks; it blends stories and memories with every pour.

Personal Sanctuary: A Walk-In Closet That Captures Elegance

The journey concludes in the walk-in closet, a testament to the thoughtful design that runs throughout the Modern Farmhouse. It’s a space of order and beauty, where fashion and function meet. The room is a personal sanctuary, complete with a central dresser, brightened by natural light, and surrounded by meticulously arranged shelves that promise to keep life’s treasures both visible and accessible.

Each room in the Modern Farmhouse by Susan Love Design stands as a vignette of modern living, where design style and life’s rhythms find their perfect balance. From the moment one enters the serene living room to the final steps into the elegant walk-in closet, the experience is nothing short of enchanting.

Photography by Christopher Stark

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- by Matt Watts