Modernist Farmhouse by Henkin Shavit Architecture & Design

Designed by Henkin Shavit Architecture & Design, this beautiful modernist farmhouse is located in Hof Hasharon, Israel.

Description by Henkin Shavit Architecture & Design

The concept originated when we first came down to see the property during the plowing season. The formations in the fields served as a preliminary boost to the conceptual design phase of the project. The “plowing”, which is an arranged intervention in a land compound, divides it into strips or sowing areas. Those areas which are sub-spaces of the plot appear in the villa in the configuration of different spaces, with the rhythms of “plowing” producing the transitions between the public and the private. The spaces create an organized longitudinal system and a random widthwise system, of the person and his movement at home.

The Home design combined a program with existing sloped land topography, on a long and narrow lot measuring 0.5 acres. The house is a complex which connects two single story “houses” that serve the parent unit program, children’s unit, parking + guest bathroom + kitchen. Connecting the Houses was done by a shed – a light structure that combines glass, wood and steel and serves the program of dining and accommodation.

Photography courtesy of Henkin Shavit Architecture & Design

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- by Matt Watts

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