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California House: GLUCK+ Architects’ Hillside Masterpiece in LA

FeaturedModern desert residence with sleek roofline, glass walls, and lush, sculpted landscaping.

Situated in the heart of Los Angeles, California, the captivating California House designed by the renowned architecture firm GLUCK+ showcases a remarkable integration of form and function. This modern single-family residence masterfully navigates the steep, north-facing hillside, offering unobstructed views of the surrounding mountains.

By bifurcating the building into distinct programmatic zones, the design minimizes the impact on the landscape while creating ample outdoor living spaces.

Fire Country Lookout: Sustainable Family Retreat in Healdsburg

FeaturedContemporary open-plan living area with exposed wood beams, large windows, and outdoor dining.

Situated in the heart of Healdsburg, California, the Fire Country Lookout by Studio VARA showcases a groundbreaking design that blends sustainable living with resilient development. This multi-generational family retreat, nestled on an oak-studded hilltop, offers a prototype for the “post-climate-change” West, featuring a single 180′ long extrusion carefully positioned along the east-west axis to maximize stunning views of Mount St. Helena and the setting sun.

Dimmick Drive Houses: Contemporary Hillside Homes in LA

FeaturedModern kitchen with wood floors, island, and large windows overlooking greenery.

Tucked into the picturesque hills of Los Angeles, the Dimmick Drive Houses designed by Freelandbuck showcase a contemporary architectural style with strong rectilinear forms and a restrained material palette.

These 2,000-square-foot residences feature bright, open spaces and abundant picture windows that invite the California sun inside, creating a seamless connection between the indoor and outdoor living areas.

Kojima House: Stunning Remodel & Addition in Kentfield

FeaturedA modern, glass-walled house nestled among lush landscaping and towering trees.

The Kojima House, a stunning 6,500-square-foot remodel and addition project in Kentfield, California, showcases the exceptional design skills of Swatt + Partners. Situated on a 1.5-acre site surrounded by mature landscaping, this residence boasts unobstructed views of the San Francisco Bay, Kent-Woodlands valley, and the mountains beyond. Carefully selected materials, including wood boards and travertine slabs, seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor spaces, creating a harmonious and inviting living experience.

The Miller: Coastal-Inspired Family Home in San Diego

Modern two-story home with peaked roofs, large windows, and lush desert landscaping.

The Miller, a coastal-inspired family home designed by Architects Magnus, is situated in the vibrant Pacific Beach neighborhood of San Diego, California. This 2023 project showcases a harmonious blend of indoor-outdoor living and durable, low-maintenance finishes, creating a seamless, easy-going atmosphere for the active family of four.

Embracing a natural palette of driftwood, sand, and soothing blues, the design seamlessly incorporates handpicked stone in the kitchen that evokes the gentle movements of the waves. The centerpiece of the home, a custom-built wooden dining table, serves as a focal point, while the addition of a four-legged family member, Gus, perfectly complements the overall aesthetic.

Hutton Drive 2641: Maximizing Backyard Living in Beverly Hills

FeaturedSpacious interior with glass staircase, modern furniture, and lush plants creating an airy, elegant ambiance.

Whipple Russell Architects‘ stunning Hutton Drive 2641 home in Beverly Hills, California, exemplifies modern hillside design. This 7,500-square-foot residence features a seamless integration of indoor and outdoor living spaces, including a saltwater pool, spa, and multiple firepits. The design’s strong horizontal lines, vertical wooden cladding, and ribbon windows create a visually captivating front façade, while the open-concept layout and generous use of natural light ensure a warm, inviting atmosphere throughout the home.

San Francisco Residence: Eclectic Design Embracing Bay Area Charm

FeaturedElegant outdoor patio with stone arches, lush greenery, and plush seating.

This cherished 1907 San Francisco residence has undergone a remarkable rejuvenation by SkB Architects, embracing its historical charm and infusing it with a California-inspired ambiance. The home’s iconic wooden tile facade, once a quintessential Bay Area design, has been thoughtfully preserved, while the interiors have been transformed to create a versatile and personalized living experience.

The Phoenix: A Modern Healdsburg Home Rises from the Ashes

FeaturedStunning modern house with large windows, outdoor decks, and expansive views of the countryside.

The Phoenix, a modern masterpiece designed by Feldman Architecture, rises from the ashes in Healdsburg, California, offering a captivating retreat for a forward-thinking family. This striking house, completed in 2022, seamlessly blends with the dramatic landscape, prioritizing breathtaking views and rejuvenating a site scarred by California’s wildfires. The design team’s innovative approach to the sloping site has resulted in a series of elongated, stacked, rectilinear forms that create a harmonious indoor-outdoor living experience.