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UWS Penthouse Duplex: Inside New York’s Modern Luxury Apartment

Modern living room with unique lighting fixture, stylish furniture, and wooden floors.

Discover the UWS Penthouse Duplex, a gem in New York’s architectural landscape designed by AMMOR Architecture LLP in 2021. This apartment is a masterclass in combining light, space, and modern design to craft a luxurious living experience. With features like a spacious living area, state-of-the-art kitchen, and a serene master bedroom, it represents the pinnacle of urban living in the heart of NYC.

Jackson Hole Lodge: A Peek Inside the Ultimate Mountain Retreat

Modern wooden house with large windows against a hill, blurred cyclist in foreground.

Designed by AMMOR Architecture in 2019, the Jackson Hole Lodge marries the rugged beauty of Jackson, WY with refined modern living. This private house blends natural wood elements and expansive windows with mid-century modern interiors, offering an intimate connection to the tranquil mountainous landscape. Discover elegance and simplicity seamlessly integrated into every space, from the open-concept living area to the serene en-suite spa retreat.