UWS Penthouse Duplex: Inside New York’s Modern Luxury Apartment

Discover the UWS Penthouse Duplex, a gem in New York’s architectural landscape designed by AMMOR Architecture LLP in 2021. This apartment is a masterclass in combining light, space, and modern design to craft a luxurious living experience. With features like a spacious living area, state-of-the-art kitchen, and a serene master bedroom, it represents the pinnacle of urban living in the heart of NYC.

Modern living room with unique lighting fixture, stylish furniture, and wooden floors.
Modern living and dining room with stylish furniture and ample natural light.
Chic dining space with unique lighting, leading to a terrace.
A modern bedroom with white walls, a large bed, and artwork.

About UWS Penthouse Duplex

A Fusion of Light and Design: The UWS Penthouse Duplex

In the heart of New York City, the UWS Penthouse Duplex emerges as a beacon of modern architecture. Designed by the visionary team at AMMOR Architecture LLP in 2021, this apartment stands as a testament to elegant urban living. The residence invites an experience that begins with a striking first impression—the harmonious integration of space and light in the living area.

Inviting Interiors: Living Space Crafted for Comfort

The journey into the duplex opens to a spacious living room, illuminated by innovative lighting fixtures that echo the vitality of the city. Hardwood floors lead guests through a meticulously arranged setting, anchored by a cozy gray sofa. Art pieces adorn the walls, encapsulating the vibrant New York art scene, while the room’s layout fosters both relaxation and intimate gatherings.

Seamless Transition: Dining and Culinary Excellence

Advancing to the dining area, one finds a table set for both daily repasts and celebratory dinners. The open-concept design ensures a seamless flow into the state-of-the-art kitchen, where walnut cabinetry surrounds top-notch appliances. Glass doors reveal a tantalizing glimpse of the cityscape, merging indoor refinement with outdoor allure, inviting occupants to step onto the private balcony and savor the urban panorama.

Tranquil Retreat: A Bedroom Oasis Above the City

As the day winds down, the master bedroom offers a serene escape. Clean lines govern the space, complemented by a neutral palette that harmonizes with the soft infusion of natural light. The picture window frames views of the bustling city below, allowing for a moment of reflection in this peaceful enclave, high above the metropolitan rush.

AMMOR Architecture LLP’s UWS Penthouse Duplex encapsulates the epitome of New York luxury, offering a living experience that is as grand as it is intimate, set within one of the world’s most dynamic neighborhoods.

Photography courtesy of AMMOR Architecture LLP
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- by Matt Watts