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Art + Heritage: Luxe ’70s-Inspired Dubai Apartment

Modern living room with eclectic furniture and artistic lighting fixture.

Art + Heritage, an apartment designed by Natasha Sturko Interiors in 2022, stands as a beacon of midcentury modern luxury in Dubai, UAE. Its design cleverly marries rust and ochre with a base of ivory and creams, accented by bold black. Showcasing regional artworks against a backdrop of high ceilings and limestone flooring, this space harmoniously blends ’70s-inspired statement furniture with the elegance of modern living.

Villa ABK: Pearl Jumeirah’s Crown Jewel

Villa ABK: Pearl Jumeirah’s Crown Jewel

Villa ABK, designed by MMA Projects in Dubai, UAE, emerges as a beacon of modern luxury. Set in the elite Pearl Jumeirah Island, this 4,000 square-meter (43,055 square feet) villa represents a fusion of architectural innovation and lavish living. Its design accentuates the interplay of light and shadow, creating spaces that are both open and intimate.

With its waterfront location and contemporary style, Villa ABK stands as a unique edifice, featuring luxurious materials, ingenious lighting, and bespoke amenities that epitomize the pinnacle of luxury design in 2023.

Alvorada Villa: Where Luxury Meets Industrial Chic

FeaturedAlvorada Villa: Where Luxury Meets Industrial Chic

Dive into the heart of Dubai’s opulence with Alvorada Villa, a 380-square-meter (4,090-square-foot) beacon of luxury designed by Marie-Claire Mrad. In the esteemed Arabian Ranches community, this home stands as a bold declaration of industrial chic merged with lavish comfort. Envisioned by a vibrant couple, this space breaks the mold, showcasing an expansive terrace, a pool bathed in starlight, and an open-plan design that breathes sophistication.

Alvorada Villa embodies the pinnacle of personalized elegance, where every detail echoes the homeowner’s unique flair.

Exclusivissima: Dubai’s Elegant Villa by Etereo Design

FeaturedExclusivissima: Dubai’s Elegant Villa by Etereo Design

Introducing Exclusivissima: Discover the ultimate fusion of Middle Eastern and Italian luxury in this two-story villa, designed by Etereo Design in the heart of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Renowned for its world-class attractions and opulence, Dubai sets the stage for this high-end residential property, boasting exquisite chandeliers, Italian marble, and natural wood floors. Immerse yourself in the epitome of elegance and sophistication, crafted by the experts with years of experience in the Gulf region’s most sought-after interior styles.