Dubai Apartment: Tranquil Oasis by Mizanna Designs

Designed by the talented interior designer Natalia Contova of Mizanna Designs, this stunning Dubai apartment showcases a tranquil atmosphere with a unique and captivating ambiance. Drawing inspiration from the inhabitants, the minimalist design features a neutral backdrop complemented by pops of color, dark wood tones, and a variety of textures, creating a harmonious and visually striking living space.

Spacious, modern living room with sleek furniture, minimalist decor, and pendant lights.
Sleek, modern living room with plush seating, pendant lighting, and a minimalist aesthetic.
Sleek, modern living space with neutral color palette, minimalist furnishings, and striking lighting fixtures.
Sleek, modern interior with marble kitchen island, warm lighting, and minimalist furnishings.
Elegant modern dining room with minimalist furniture, dramatic lighting, and abstract art.
A modern, minimalist dining room featuring a sleek black table, sculptural lighting, and architectural decor.
Minimalist open-concept living space with neutral palette, sleek furnishings, and recessed lighting.
Minimalist living room with abstract art, curved pink chairs, and a white round coffee table.
Elegant, minimalist bedroom with neutral colors, plush fabrics, and modern furnishings.
Luxurious modern bedroom with leather sofa, glass wardrobe, and plush rug.
A cozy bedroom with gray curtains, a white bed, and a vibrant floral arrangement on a side table.
A modern bathroom with a freestanding white pedestal sink, black cabinetry, and shelving.

About Dubai Apartment

Inspired by the vibrant spirit of Dubai, the Mizanna Designs team crafted a captivating apartment that reflects the city’s dynamic essence. Natalia Contova, the lead designer, explains, “I’m inspired by the people I work with, and I aim to create homes that are a true reflection of their owners.”

Accordingly, this apartment’s ambiance is tranquil yet brimming with character. As Natalia notes, “The moment you step in, it definitely makes a statement.” Achieving a minimalist aesthetic without sacrificing intrigue, the design team leveraged decorative finishes, wall panels, textured artwork, and unique accent furniture to create a visually striking yet clutter-free space.

Harmonious Hues and Tactile Textures

Embracing a neutral backdrop, the designers introduced pops of color through carefully curated accent pieces. Acknowledging the existing light gray flooring, they added depth and warmth by incorporating a variety of dark chocolate and espresso wood tones, complemented by black marble, off-white terrazzo, and cream upholstery. To further enhance the design, brown leather was strategically used on large-scale furnishings, lending a sense of dramatic flair.

Terracotta, clay, burnt orange, and coral accents were then layered against the warm light gray and off-white finishes, creating a pleasing contrast. The black elements from the artwork and the striking dark kitchen cabinets amplify the overall aesthetic. Throughout the apartment, the gypsum (a soft, light-colored sedimentary rock) artwork provides an additional textural element on the walls.

Adapting to Existing Conditions

Reflecting on the design process, Natalia Contova shares, “The fit-out works were completed by the main contractor prior to the beginning of my work with my clients. We had to revise and redesign quite a few things in order to make the design project come to life.” This adaptability allowed the team to transform the existing space into a harmonious and visually captivating oasis.

Spanning approximately 145 square meters (1,560 square feet), the Dubai Apartment by Mizanna Designs showcases a masterful blend of minimalism, texture, and color – a true reflection of the city’s vibrant energy and the owners’ distinct sensibilities.

Photography by Alina Lupu
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- by Matt Watts