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Dubai Apartment: Tranquil Oasis by Mizanna Designs

FeaturedSleek, modern living room with plush seating, pendant lighting, and a minimalist aesthetic.

Designed by the talented interior designer Natalia Contova of Mizanna Designs, this stunning Dubai apartment showcases a tranquil atmosphere with a unique and captivating ambiance. Drawing inspiration from the inhabitants, the minimalist design features a neutral backdrop complemented by pops of color, dark wood tones, and a variety of textures, creating a harmonious and visually striking living space.

Pike & Pond: Tranquil Waterfront Home by Oza Sabbeth

Modernist building with wooden siding and simple geometric forms nestled among trees.

Nestled in the picturesque town of Sag Harbor, United States, the Pike & Pond house is a stunning example of modern architecture crafted by the renowned Oza Sabbeth Architects. Designed in 2018, this single-family home masterfully curates the experience of its residents, seamlessly transitioning from the bustling street to the tranquil Pond beyond.

With a focus on materiality and siting, the project showcases a unique blend of design elements that create a harmonious and private living environment.

Black Diamond: Sydney’s Boutique Hotel-Style Home

Modern living room with plush sofas, wooden floors, and a staircase.

Discover Black Diamond, a three-story house in Sydney, Australia, artfully reimagined by YSG Studio. This 2023 renovation transforms a once-oppressive space into a tranquil, tactile haven, blending boutique hotel luxury with intimate, gem-hued living spaces. Experience the seamless flow from indoor to outdoor areas, now showcasing stunning Sydney Harbour views. Delight in the home’s unique design elements: from a kitchen island glittering like its namesake to cleverly placed lighting and materials that enhance the sensory experience.

Step inside this architectural masterpiece, where every detail echoes the tranquility and vibrancy of its coastal setting.