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Bertha: Luxury Nordic Chalet Design in Québec

FeaturedA spacious, modern interior with bright yellow piano, pink couch, and wooden shelving.

In a picturesque corner of Québec, Canada, the Perron team has crafted a remarkable family chalet that blends the luxurious ambiance of a boutique hotel with the warm comforts of a private residence. Dubbed “Bertha,” this 2023 project was designed to accommodate numerous guests, family members, and friends, creating a harmonious space for both gathering and personal retreat. Leveraging its expertise and European manufacturer connections, the Perron team has delivered a truly turnkey, tailor-made design that seamlessly integrates the hotel experience into a luxurious family home.

With a Nordic-inspired aesthetic, abundant natural light, and custom furnishings, Bertha radiates a sense of positive energy and functionality that caters to both adult and child alike.

Dubai Apartment: Tranquil Oasis by Mizanna Designs

FeaturedSleek, modern living room with plush seating, pendant lighting, and a minimalist aesthetic.

Designed by the talented interior designer Natalia Contova of Mizanna Designs, this stunning Dubai apartment showcases a tranquil atmosphere with a unique and captivating ambiance. Drawing inspiration from the inhabitants, the minimalist design features a neutral backdrop complemented by pops of color, dark wood tones, and a variety of textures, creating a harmonious and visually striking living space.

Dwell in Poeticness: Shanghai Apartment Celebrating Timeless Elegance

Dwell in Poeticness: Shanghai Apartment Celebrating Timeless Elegance

In the bustling heart of Shanghai, China, Dwell in Poeticness stands out as an ode to tranquil living. Muka Architects brilliantly transformed this apartment in 2022, weaving in a majestic 4m (about 13.1 ft) floor height, arch-shaped windows, and thoughtful design elements that juxtapose warm teak with rugged grindstone.

The redesigned space speaks volumes, echoing a yearning for serenity amidst Shanghai’s vibrant pulse.

Nº1: An Exclusive Penthouse in Amsterdam’s Vondelstraat

Nº1: An Exclusive Penthouse in Amsterdam’s Vondelstraat

Nº1, an exclusive penthouse located in the iconic Vondelstraat of Amsterdam, Netherlands, designed by zU-Studio in 2023, is a celebration of warm minimalist architecture, nobel materials and timeless pieces that have been custom made for the project.

The house has been conceived to offer an enormous variety of spaces that transmit serenity and calmness, and it is structured in two floors connected by a prominent amphitheatre. Enjoy the typical grey Amsterdam weather in this cozy and serene home, with a very warm indirect lighting for a sensual and elegant night.