One Palm Unit 1604: Inside Dubai’s Coastal Elegance Apex

Discover One Palm Unit 1604 in Dubai, UAE, a testament to modern coastal elegance. Designed by Studio M in 2023, this apartment blends serene minimalism with breathtaking sea views, creating an unparalleled living experience. Perfect for those appreciating a balance of luxury and tranquility, it stands as a pinnacle of beachside living.

Spacious modern living room with sleek furniture, floor-to-ceiling windows, and a cityscape view.
Minimalist living room with sleek furniture, geometric shelving, and warm lighting.
Minimalist dining room with sleek furniture, shelves, and modern chandelier.
A modern, minimalist bedroom with a sleek, black four-poster bed frame and neutral-toned decor.
Minimalist bedroom with sleek black metal frame, white bedding, and accent lighting.
A modern, minimalist bathroom with a freestanding bathtub, marble tiles, and large windows.
A minimalist bathroom with a marble-clad walls, round mirror, and vessel sink on a floating vanity.
A modern, open-concept space with lush tropical plants, a large gray sofa, and a wooden coffee table.
Lush indoor pool oasis with sweeping views of Dubai's modern skyline.

About One Palm Unit 1604

A Masterclass in Coastal Elegance

Step into One Palm Unit 1604, where coastal elegance meets contemporary minimalism. In the heart of Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, Studio M has crafted this residence as a sanctuary of tranquility and luxury. The apartment, designed in 2023, unfolds a new height in beachside living. It features a palette of light natural materials, enhancing the residence’s connection to its stunning sea views.

Harmonious Interior Design

Light pervades the space, reflecting off greyed oak wood and classic natural stone. These materials, chosen for their natural beauty, contribute to a calming atmosphere. Bespoke joinery and textured plastered walls add layers of sophistication. Neutral colors throughout the apartment ensure a serene environment, conducive to relaxation and wellness.

Effortless Luxury & Comfort

Every detail in One Palm Unit 1604 is meticulously curated, from the organic-shaped furniture to the iconic design pieces. A curved sofa artfully divides the open living and dining area, fostering a sense of togetherness. The dining table, designed by Arthur Casas, alongside bespoke bar cabinets, invites relaxed gatherings. This approach to design not only reflects a refined style but also enhances the living experience by weaving comfort and elegance into everyday moments.

An Unrivaled Residential Experience

This residence stands as a testament to Dubai’s celebrated lifestyle, offering panoramic views that capture the essence of luxury coastal living. Studio M has created a space that balances serene minimalism with the richness of its surroundings, ensuring that One Palm Unit 1604 is not just a place to live, but a sanctuary to thrive.

Through the use of meticulously selected materials and thoughtfully designed spaces, One Palm Unit 1604 emerges as a beacon of contemporary living, where every element conspires to create an atmosphere of unmatched tranquility and elegance.

Photography by Oculis Project
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- by Matt Watts