Vipp Farmhouse by Julie Cloos Mølsgaard

Vipp Farmhouse is a lovely country house located in Lolland, Denmark, designed in 2021 by Julie Cloos Mølsgaard.

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Vipp Farmhouse is nestled in a forest on the 1400 acres estate of Søllestedgaard situated on the Danish island of Lolland. The old cottage found new purpose as Vipp’s 4th hotel destination when it opened last summer – adding plenty of farm-life feel to the Danish design firm’s portfolio of one-room-wonder hotels.

Located two hours south of Copenhagen, Vipp farmhouse offers a secluded stay in a thatched cottage surrounded by forests in the Danish countryside estate of Søllestedgaard. Three bedrooms, a bathroom, and a combined kitchen and living space make up the 88 m2 residence dubbed Vipp Farmhouse. Outside, guests can enjoy their homemade breakfast and morning coffee on the patio while listening to the birds chirping.

“During lock-down we have rediscovered nature and the charm of the Danish countryside, and now we share it with you. Vipp’s fourth hotel destination offers a convenient escape to nature. A taste of farm life, where the cow has already been milked”, says Jette Egelund, 2nd generation Vipp owner.

Whitewashed facades topped with a thatched roof equals a traditional Danish farmhouse. Checking into this former gardener residence is like stepping back in time. While the architectural shell is a reminiscence from when it was built in 1775, the newly furbished interior brings us into the modern era of Scandinavian minimalism.

Interior designer Julie Cloos Mølsgaard has turned the cottage into a welcoming modern farmhouse that combines historical charm with modern convenience displaying both functional finesse and curious art finds.

“My goal was to merge the comforting and cozy farmhouse style like the exposed wooden beams with a more contemporary style to achieve a ‘modern’ farmhouse feeling. Elements like the industrial Vipp V1 kitchen in grey steel are perfect for this as the kitchen injects that grit needed for a fresh edge,” says Julie Cloos Mølsgaard and adds: Neutral tones have also been a key element for that modern farmhouse look. It acts as a perfect backdrop for blending styles and ensures the space doesn’t feel too eclectic or rustic.

The estate – Søllestedgaard

While nature is omni-present at Vipp Farmhouse, so is history. The neighbouring estate Søllestedgaard houses a manor dating back to 1800 and boasts the largest private greenery in Denmark under the name ‘Den Grønne Verden’ (which means the world of greens). Their freshly picked vegetables are consumed by guests at a number of Michelin restaurants in Copenhagen as well as in the estate’s own restaurant, ‘Spiseriet’.

“Our old horse stable is now transformed into a restaurant and shop where Vipp Farmhouse guests can buy or taste our variety of 250 greens cultivated in the fields next door,” says Ulrik Th. Jørgensen.

Photography by Anders Schønnemann

- by Matt Watts