La Rivière: Where Classic Meets Modern in Home Design

Discover La Rivière, a KIDA-designed gem in Brussels, Belgium, merging classic elegance with modern design. This 2018 masterpiece redefines a house by harmoniously blending traditional brick with contemporary glass, enhancing every living space with natural light and seamless indoor-outdoor transitions.

Elegant brick manor with extensive glass facade, wooden deck, and manicured lawn.
Elegant brick mansion with expansive glass-enclosed patio and lush landscaping.
Elegant brick exterior with arched windows, patio furniture, and a tiled roof.
An open and light-filled indoor pool surrounded by glass walls overlooking a verdant outdoor scene.
Sleek modern exterior with large glass windows, in-ground pool, and surrounding lush greenery.
Brick exterior, glass railings, and fall foliage provide a modern, natural ambiance.
Stunning contemporary home with glass walls, pool, and lush landscaping.
Elegant brick residence with expansive glass walls and a spacious wooden deck overlooking lush greenery.
Impressive brick mansion with arched windows, dormers, and covered garage entrance.
Elegant brick and glass manor house surrounded by lush greenery.
A grand, multi-story manor with a sleek, contemporary addition and a tranquil swimming pool.

About La Rivière

A Fusion of Classic Elegance and Modern Design

Nestled in the heart of Brussels, La Rivière stands as a testament to the ingenuity of KIDA, the design firm responsible for its inception in 2018. The house, a stunning blend of traditional brickwork and contemporary glass expanses, invites nature inside with its vast, unrestricted views.

From Lush Greens to Serene Blues

Stepping across the threshold, one enters a world of meticulously crafted spaces. Transition from the sunlit patio to a mesmerizing indoor pool area. Here, expansive windows erase boundaries, offering views of the emerald lawns while bathing the space in natural light.

An Abode That Breathes

Each room in La Rivière resonates with the philosophy of harmony. The designers ensured that the interior flows seamlessly, integrating living areas with the tranquil outdoor decks. This house is not just an architectural masterpiece but a sanctuary for the soul, embracing its verdant surroundings with open arms.

Photography by Alexis Pichot
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- by Matt Watts