Casa Cook Chania by Lambs & Lions

Located in Chania, Greece, Casa Cook Chania is a laid-back luxury resort designed in 2019 by Lambs & Lions.

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About Casa Cook Chania

Introducing Casa Cook Chania: A Textural Retreat

Casa Cook Chania, the third embodiment of the Casa Cook resort brand, effortlessly weaves the brand’s signature blend of textural luxury with relaxed elegance. Originating from the visionary interior design studio, Lambs and Lions of Berlin, this course has been charted. In this venture, their nuanced creativity seamlessly integrates with the expansive hillside of the Cretan coast. Additionally, Greek architects k-studio and interior stylist Annabell Kutucu partnered in this vision.

A Modernist Vision on a Sloping Landscape

Initially, the design had two defining goals. Firstly, they drew from Modernist architecture to gracefully tackle the challenge of maximizing single-story spaces on a sloping terrain. Secondly, they aimed to craft a ‘village’ resort feel. This vision purposefully accentuated expansive outdoors, successfully melding vast communal areas with intimate spaces, each boasting unparalleled views.

Upon your entrance, the Modernist stamp is unmistakable. Your journey immediately begins at the site’s zenith, the entrance building. Beneath the emblematic flying roof, a sweeping view across the ocean captivatingly welcomes you. Further ahead, clusters of rooms emerge. Crafted from sleek concrete and timber, these rooms hover over floating walls of indigenous stone, gradually cascading down the incline towards the shoreline. Inside, these spaces offer cool, sensory sanctuaries. Furthermore, these interiors strategically unfold onto private pool terraces, offering dual vistas of the ocean and verdant courtyard gardens.

A Symphony of Light and Landscape

Progressing towards the beach, a meticulously curated dance of light, shadow, and texture unfolds. Authentic landscapes, punctuated by semi-tropical elements, intricately provide a striking contrast. Moreover, the smooth concrete structures gradually evolve, giving way to rougher, more brutalist forms, as if birthed from the sands below. Built to withstand salt and wind, these robust structures form vast, inviting external zones. Consequently, they cater to the communal needs of the resort, capitalizing on the beachfront setting.

This beachfront ‘Piazza’ harmoniously plays host to an array of facilities. Ranging from the hotel’s restaurant, bar, boutique, to the art house, all nestle alongside the pool and lounge. Adjacent to this, an inventive Kids Club stands elevated, shielded from the sun, encouraging outdoor activities. Simultaneously, nestled further inland, a yoga pavilion and wellness zone harness the site’s green heart. Here, guests consistently indulge in open-air spa therapies and dawn yoga sessions.


In essence, Casa Cook Chania, with its masterful design and thoughtful spaces, offers an unparalleled retreat for those seeking both adventure and tranquility.

Photography by Georg Roske, Ana Santl

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- by Matt Watts