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Pa.te.os: Guesthouses Lost in Portugal’s Primosfera

Pa.te.os: Guesthouses Lost in Portugal’s Primosfera

Introducing Pa.te.os, a set of guesthouses located in Portugal designed by Aires Mateus & Associados in 2020.

These guesthouses are integrated into the Primosfera landscape like ruins lost in time and designed to take full advantage of the nature surrounding them. The walls, as boundaries, evoke houses and the unique matter used to draw the enclosures creates tension between them with the spaces generating openings and negatives in these presences.

Freiraum: Timeless Appeal & Natural Landscape Views

Freiraum: Timeless Appeal & Natural Landscape Views

Freiraum, a stunning mountain hotel in Mellau, Austria, designed by Baumeister Jürgen Haller in 2022, is breathtakingly beautiful. Located at the foot of the slope and near the village center of Mellau, it offers magnificent views of the local mountain Kanisfluh.

The four-story building, with 7 apartments and a hipped roof, is clad with a natural spruce facade and designed in passive house standard. Its interior spaces open up to the balcony and the natural landscape with their large window areas, creating a timeless and clear type of elements throughout the building.

Bodrum Loft Hotel: Blending Man-Made with Natural

FeaturedBodrum Loft Hotel: Blending Man-Made with Natural

Designed by Tabanlioglu Architects in 2020, the Bodrum Loft Hotel in Bodrum, Turkey, is a summer resort project that blends the man-made to the natural in an inspirational way.

Taking inspiration from the way neighboring old towns connect to the land and its surroundings, the design uses locally sourced materials and seeks low maintenance, weathering aesthetically. With reference to the nature of the region, the angles of sun and winds, the project frames a building that responds to the climate and is integrated with the nature to welcome the sun and the breeze in a controlled attitude.

Achioté: Sustainability Meets Sophistication in Puntarenas

FeaturedAchioté: Sustainability Meets Sophistication in Puntarenas

Introducing Achioté, the stunning vacation rental villas located on a hill overgrown with a jungle near Uvita town, Puntarenas, Costa Rica. Designed by FormaFatal in 2022, Achioté is the first “rammed earth” implementation in Costa Rica.

The villas, which are designed for short-term recreational rentals, feature biophilic interiors with minimalist and simple designs. The villas have thin and sharp lines in contrast to the lush tropical vegetation, and the chosen materials and colors coincide perfectly with the surroundings. Each villa has a unique interior design concept based on the energies perceived in the location before construction.

Cabin Kvitfjell: A Stunning Mountain Getaway in Norway

Cabin Kvitfjell: A Stunning Mountain Getaway in Norway

Cabin Kvitfjell is a stunning mountain house designed by Aksetøy Arkitektur located in Fåvang, Norway.

Situated at the foot of the mountain range and just next to Kvitfjell ski resort, this 30 meter-long (98 feet) structure with pitched roof combines dark timber cladding with Norwegian Oppdal slates for an elegant mountain design style.

Inside the house, large windows and sliding doors offer maximum scenic view while wooden interiors with a hint of metal and fabric create a comforting atmosphere. Dedicated rooms for skiing preparation and equipment storage provide direct access to the nearby slopes. The cabin also features terraces, verandas and excellent hiking opportunities all year round.

Raw White House by Atelier Lígia Casanova

FeaturedRaw White House by Atelier Lígia Casanova

Experience the traditional charm of Alcácer do Sal, Portugal with the Raw White House, a stunning vacation rental designed in 2019 by Atelier Lígia Casanova.

This house offers a unique contrast between rustic tones, industrial pieces, and light-filled rooms, making it a perfect place to relax and enjoy the beauty of Portugal. This traditional-style home is nestled in the heart of Alcácer do Sal, a small town near the Sado Estuary, a UNESCO-protected area known for its stunning nature, historic monuments, and warm Mediterranean climate.

Monte do Olival by Atelier Lígia Casanova

Monte do Olival by Atelier Lígia Casanova

Monte do Olival, a resort located in Alcácer do Sal, Portugal, designed by Atelier Lígia Casanova in 2021, offers its guests a chance to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and experience peace and serenity.

By blending traditional Portuguese architecture with modern design, Atelier Lígia Casanova has created an oasis of tranquility in the Alentejo region, one of Portugal’s most picturesque areas. From the hand-picked colors to the cozy fireplace, the Monte do Olival is the perfect place to enjoy the peace of the countryside.

Park Hyatt Niseko Hanazono by Nikken Sekkei

Park Hyatt Niseko Hanazono by Nikken Sekkei

Discover Park Hyatt Niseko Hanazono, a luxurious mountain resort located in Hokkaido, Japan. Designed by Nikken Sekkei in 2019, the resort features a contemporary chapel designed in harmony with the four seasons, reflecting traditional Japanese aesthetics.

The chapel boasts a “floating grand roof” symbolizing traditional Japanese architecture, and provides guests with a quasi-outdoor resort wedding experience, private dining, buffets, seminars, conferences and concert events. With its air-conditioning system and understated window-side air outlet grilles, this modern mountain resort brings luxury to the pristine heart of Niseko’s Hanazono area.