Paggaion House: A Modern Marvel in Eleftheroupoli, Greece

Discover Paggaion House in Eleftheroupoli, Greece, a real estate gem designed in 2023 by Z-LEVEL architecture. This house marries the area’s rich geological landscape with bioclimatic principles, using local Kavala Stone to achieve sustainability and stunning aesthetics.

Modern minimalist building with stone walls, glass facade, and private pool.
Minimalist living room with wooden accents, floating staircase, and geometric coffee table.
Modern and spacious living room with wooden accents, stone fireplace, and creative lighting.
Sleek interior design with wooden staircase, stone accent wall, and modern seating area.
A modern staircase design with wooden steps and a natural rock feature in the foreground.
A modern, wooden staircase with linear metal railings leading through an elegant interior.
Minimalist kitchen with rustic wood accents, sleek black cabinetry, and a long wooden dining table.
A sleek, modern dining room with a large wooden table, black chairs, and a striking stone wall.
Sleek, minimalist shower enclosure with natural stone tiles and a wooden bench.
Expansive outdoor living space with stone walls, cozy seating, and mature bonsai trees.
Rustic entrance with wood siding, stone walls, and Japanese maple landscaping.
A modern, angular home with stone cladding and wooden accents, set against a scenic backdrop.
Modern building with stone facade, minimalist design, extensive landscaping.
Modern architectural design featuring clean lines, stone accents, and lush landscaping.

About Paggaion House

Discover Paggaion House: A Masterpiece of Sustainability and Design

Nestled between Mount Symvolo and Mount Pangaion, Paggaion House stands as a testament to the natural beauty and geological wealth of Eleftheroupoli, Greece. Designed by Z-LEVEL architecture in 2023, this residence not only celebrates the local heritage through its use of Kavala Stone but also aligns with cutting-edge bioclimatic design principles for optimal sustainability.

The house presents a captivating two-story structure with a basement, each level designed to harmonize with its environment. The ground level features Kavala slate cladding which echoes the solidity of the earth, while the upper level impresses with its daring projection, creating a sensation of floating above the stone base. Entry is through the southern façade, into a welcoming space defined by a stone wall that extends dynamically into the landscape, organizing the outdoor areas, including a Kavala marble-covered pool that mimics a natural water flow through rock.

A Seamless Blend of Interior Design and Natural Elements

Inside, a delicate balance between space and material weaves an interior design narrative that complements the external architectural language. A metal staircase with wood cladding unites the floors visually and functionally, enhancing the house’s open atmosphere. The living spaces are characterized by the use of natural materials, such as wooden floors and specially processed marble, with remnants of Kavala stone ingeniously incorporated for wall cladding, emphasizing a connection to the earth.

Noteworthy is the strategic use of natural light and ventilation, a hallmark of the home’s bioclimatic design. Carefully recessed façades provide soft, diffuse lighting, complemented by large apertures on the southern side equipped with movable blinds that encourage privacy while inviting ample sunlight. The inclusion of solar panels and advanced insulation materials underscores the commitment to sustainability, ensuring that Paggaion House stands as a beacon of modern, eco-conscious living.

In crafting Paggaion House, Z-LEVEL architecture has created more than a dwelling; they have sculpted a dialogue between modern living and the timeless narrative of Earth’s geology, redefining luxury and sustainability within the context of Northern Greece’s enchanting landscape.

Photography courtesy of Z-LEVEL architecture
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- by Matt Watts